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Jul 12 2019

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12:06 AM linuxcnc-build: Hey! build 1630.rip-stretch-rtpreempt-amd64 #1019 is complete: Warnings [8warnings compile]
12:10 AM linuxcnc-build: Build details are at http://buildbot.linuxcnc.org/buildbot/builders/1630.rip-stretch-rtpreempt-amd64/builds/1019
01:44 PM memleak: CMorley, andypugh's RTAI fork on github has a broken history, he needs to take his down and re-fork, can you do the same? I was having issues with PRs but they're all fixed now.
01:46 PM memleak: I don't like broken archives of projects and now there's two of them, if you could please do a fresh fork using the NTULINUX repo, I'd really appreciate it!
03:00 PM CMorley: memleak -I deleted the fork - thanks
03:25 PM memleak: no, thank you. it's safe btw if you want to archive it again.
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