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Jun 17 2019

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07:03 AM hazzy-m: Tom_L that's a good question. It seems like it gets it from traj
09:24 AM mozmck: Centurion_Dan: thanks for the tip. Those are the kinds of things that made me switch away from Debian years ago. It's kind of nice when the commonly used parts of a system are all installed and configured to work by default.
09:25 AM Centurion_Dan: mozmck: debian doesn't seem to care much these days about xfce4, gnome seems to be the root cause for all their decisions - systemd included...
09:27 AM Centurion_Dan: Devuan is more xfce oriented but with a good userbase of openbox, mate, and a few cinnamon users. Gnome3 supposedly works but I don't know anyone actually using it
09:27 AM Centurion_Dan: in Devuan.
09:30 AM mozmck: Centurion_Dan: interesting! I'm going to have to try Devuan sometime. I thought xfce was the desktop shipped on the default debian installer? I haven't run Gnome since gnome2.
09:30 AM mozmck: I tested gnome3 early on and couldn't stand it - or the gnome developers attitude of "my way or the highway"
09:33 AM Centurion_Dan: I had the same... i looked at gnome3 and nearly puked. I did inflict it on a few customers, but in the end replaced it with xfce4 and they all were much happier. That same attitude is driving the direction of Debian still....
09:35 AM mozmck: Yeah, seems like it from what little I've seen. I switched to Linux Mint with XFCE and Cinnamon when Ubuntu came out with "Unity"
09:36 AM Centurion_Dan: mozmck: xfce was briefly the default for debian jessie when it was in testing, and then the TC took the systemd decision, and that meant gnomes problems were solved and xfce4 etc suddenly was again out in the cold.. That was until Devuan ;-)
09:36 AM mozmck: Cinnamon is nice - was buggy at first but is better now. Still takes too much resources for my liking.
09:36 AM mozmck: I see!
09:37 AM mozmck: I load Lubuntu with LXQT on a computer the other day - and that is looking pretty promising. Part of the Gnome problem is Gtk3 whose developers have the same attitude (maybe the same devs?)
09:37 AM mozmck: You just don't make breaking API changes in point releases...
10:41 AM skunkworks: I have been running the stretch iso on this laptop (the linuxcnc iso) on this laptop for a long while now. xfce and no real issues..
10:44 AM mozmck: skunkworks: can you access smb shares in thunar?
10:45 AM mozmck: Ah, you may be talking about the linuxcnc stretch iso - I installed a plain debian 9.9 live iso. I know that cradek greatly improved the install for the wheezy iso so I bet the stretch iso has similar modifications.
11:10 AM skunkworks: skunkworks: no. (or atleast I havent tried...)
12:39 PM CaptHindsight: skunkworks: the issues I've found with the stretch iso are: kernel not new enough for new hardware, included libs too old for building mesa for new GPU's ...
12:41 PM CaptHindsight: if you skip configuring network during install I still haven't figured out how to get networking going (without a re-install) but that's the Debian installer in general
12:42 PM CaptHindsight: we had to use Sid to have Ryzen and RX470 gpu working well
12:43 PM CaptHindsight: we did manage to get network going by skipping that install step but the network manager didn't know that it was actually working
12:44 PM CaptHindsight: so it's some missing connection to the network manager
03:46 PM skunkworks: CaptHindsight: I mostly have old hardware... :)
03:46 PM skunkworks: This laptop is a 4th gen i7
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