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Jun 05 2019

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07:04 AM jthornton: mozmck: I used git whatchanged to update the 2.8 changelog, not sure how far back it goes
07:10 AM jthornton: hmm reading the git help it looks like I need to use git log
09:41 AM mozmck: jthornton: dgarr sent me this tip for a bash alias to look at the history of a file:
09:42 AM mozmck: $ alias gitfile='git log --reverse --pretty=format:"%h %ai %an %s" '
09:42 AM mozmck: $ gitfile docs/src/getting-started/updating-linuxcnc.txt
09:43 AM jthornton: thanks
04:45 PM mozmck: jthornton: what version of lubuntu did you try?
04:50 PM Tom_L: 18.04
04:50 PM Tom_L: http://gnipsel.com/linuxcnc/uspace/lubuntu18-emc.html
04:50 PM mozmck: I just found that. I'm going to try 19.04 - it has the LXQT desktop now which is based on QT.
05:06 PM JT-Shop: I need to try that too in the morning
06:35 PM jthornton: mozmck: I think I found all the stuff for the debian changelog
06:47 PM mozmck: jthornton: great!
06:48 PM jthornton: when you get a chance give it a look see
06:50 PM mozmck: Looking now. I don't see mention of the joints/axes stuff, or G52? I remember those off the top of my head...
06:50 PM jthornton: hmm I did a log without merges so I need to do one with merges now
06:51 PM jthornton: and add anything new...
06:51 PM mozmck: Ah, those were merges - I bet there were others as well.
06:52 PM jthornton: yea, I'll do a log in the morning while lubuntu 19 is building a kernel and get those merges into the changelog
06:52 PM mozmck: Heh! The changelog entry for 2.7.0~pre1 is "Brand new trajectory planner!
06:52 PM mozmck: * Support for the RT-Preempt realtime kernel.
06:52 PM mozmck: * Other things!"
06:53 PM mozmck: I'll be interested to see what you think of lubuntu with LXQT.
06:53 PM jthornton: me too :)
06:54 PM jthornton: I'll see if there is a way to exclude a merge from 2.7 so the other branch merges show up better
06:59 PM mozmck: jthornton: there is a script in debian called update-dch-from-git. You run it from the root directory: debian/./update-dch-from-git
07:00 PM mozmck: That will add a short version of all the git commits since the last release tag it looks like. Then you just have to go through a couple pages of them and delete the ones we don't want.
07:01 PM jthornton: ok cool, I run that in the morning and weed out the repetitious ones
07:01 PM mozmck: Or, my thought is to simply make a few entries of the main features and changes from 2.7 - similar to the 2.7.0~pre1 changelog.
07:02 PM jthornton: * Other things!
07:02 PM mozmck: So, something like * Separated joints and axes to better support more machine types; * Added G52 gcode support; * Other things!
07:02 PM mozmck: yeah!
07:03 PM mozmck: And other features. Qtvcp was merged - have you played with that at all?
07:03 PM jthornton: added new gui template qtvcp
07:03 PM jthornton: no
07:04 PM jthornton: I looked at it a bit but never tried to build a gui from it
07:04 PM mozmck: More like a framework. I wonder if qtvcp and qtpyvcp could be merged at some point? Looks like Chris put a lot of work into it.
07:05 PM jthornton: I don't think they could because qtpyvcp is done a different way than qtvcp
07:06 PM jthornton: they both end up making a gui but the method is very different as I understand
07:06 PM mozmck: I hope to visit with hazzy here in the next couple of days btw.
07:06 PM mozmck: I see. Well, that's too bad.
07:06 PM jthornton: is he still in Tx
07:06 PM mozmck: About 50 minutes from me in OK
07:07 PM jthornton: Kurt did work with Chris for a while on qtvcp then decided to take a different path to the end
07:07 PM jthornton: is he still there?
07:07 PM mozmck: yep - until Friday he said
07:07 PM jthornton: he was about that far from me the other day but didn't stay long
07:08 PM mozmck: He passes 8 miles from my house on the way back to the airport, so we may visit somewhere then.
07:08 PM jthornton: I'll use this linuxcnc (1:2.7.0~pre1) wheezy; urgency=low as my template for 2.8
07:09 PM jthornton: might have to run out to the highway and flag him down lol
07:09 PM mozmck: Yeah, I think an overview of major stuff would be better than a long list of commits.
07:09 PM jthornton: yea I'll fix that
07:10 PM jthornton: we stayed in a B&B in FW last year near the botanical gardens that was pretty cool
07:10 PM jthornton: we will stay there again when we visit texas
07:10 PM mozmck: I've heard about them but never have gone. I should do that sometime.
07:11 PM mozmck: We'll have to try and visit if you do.
07:11 PM jthornton: there is a pretty neat log cabin type of thing that was cooler than the gardens
07:11 PM jthornton: had wood working tools and a blacksmith shop
07:12 PM jthornton: absolutely if I'm that close we will have to meet up
07:12 PM jthornton: sounds like dinner is in process so I'll wander upstairs to pitch in
07:12 PM mozmck: I love that kind of thing. I've done some blacksmithing years ago.
07:13 PM mozmck: Ok - see you later.
07:13 PM mozmck: Here is the output from that script: https://pastebin.com/6i0taNsN
07:13 PM mozmck: It puts it in the changelog file.
07:13 PM jthornton: it was a neat place with some old texan log cabins and lots of folks dressed up in the time
07:13 PM mozmck: neat!
07:14 PM jthornton: one of the guys was from near here
07:14 PM jthornton: wow 5272 lines!
07:15 PM jthornton: talk to you tomorrow
07:15 PM mozmck: later
07:57 PM Tom_L: mozmck you're in Ok?
07:57 PM Tom_L: didn't realize that
08:00 PM mozmck: Tom_L: No, but only 40 minutes south of it
08:00 PM Tom_L: ahh
08:00 PM Tom_L: get alot of flooding last couple weeks?
08:00 PM mozmck: 20 min south of Sherman/Denison
08:01 PM mozmck: No flooding that I know of. There has been a lot of rain, but it's been spread out enough.
08:02 PM Tom_L: you're clear in the corner
08:04 PM mozmck: corner?
08:04 PM Tom_L: SE corner of Ok?
08:04 PM Tom_L: or NE in tx
08:04 PM mozmck: Right under Durant, so about the middle