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May 14 2019

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07:36 AM sync: TurBoss: I just built a version using python3, you are close but there are some other changes you need to make
07:40 AM sync: the only problem currently for me is that the type the functions return is wrong so nothing works
07:53 AM TurBoss: sync: thanks for giving a try
07:53 AM TurBoss: I'll take a look this night
07:55 AM sync: just wait 1-2 days, rene_dev_ and I are on it
07:55 AM sync: everything compiles fine but stuff needs some fixing
08:06 AM sync: Runtest: 227 tests run, 170 successful, 57 failed + 0 expected
08:22 AM mozmck: sync: regarding initemctask(), the function is a little obfuscated by macros but it is found in taskmodule.cc and is called this: BOOST_PYTHON_MODULE(emctask)
08:23 AM mozmck: Eclipse is quite helpful for tracking down things like that.
08:37 AM sync: mozmck: yeah, I eventually figured that out
01:50 PM TurBoss: sync: cool I'll wait
01:51 PM TurBoss: can I close the PR?
07:27 PM sync: now the python stuff seems to work but NML tells me NML_INVALID_CONFIGURATION :/