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Mar 16 2019

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08:37 AM jthornton: skunkworks: what printer do you have?
10:55 AM skunkworks: pcw_mesa: a lump!
10:55 AM skunkworks: http://electronicsam.com/images/greenmachine/20190316_104642.jpg
10:55 AM skunkworks: jthornton: it is a monoprice mini v2
10:55 AM skunkworks: as much as I have used it - I am happy with it.
11:00 AM skunkworks: I bought it to get my feet wet...
11:53 AM jthornton: skunkworks: thanks
05:06 PM Tom_L: loading and running 2.8 on the mill was a fail
05:07 PM Tom_L: installed and upgraded fine, ran the config, started up fine, homed fine, just sat there when trying to run a program
05:08 PM Tom_L: loaded up 2.7 and cut the part
05:09 PM Tom_L: it acted like the program was running but the feed was off and stuck on one line
05:10 PM Tom_L: not very specific help i know but wanted to voice it at least
05:33 PM andypugh: spindle.0.at-speed not connected?
05:34 PM Tom_L: i didn't investigate much, was trying to get the part done
05:34 PM Tom_L: i will go back and look later on
05:35 PM Tom_L: nothing changed except the ssd from 2.7 to 2.8. same config copied over
05:35 PM Tom_L: then converted
05:41 PM andypugh: I _think_ I tested spindle-at speed with MultiSpindle
05:42 PM Tom_L: i'm using at speed but i honestly don't remember if the spindle came on or not
05:42 PM Tom_L: i think it may have been on a linear move but i'd want to re'test it for sure
05:43 PM andypugh: Linear moves pause waiting for spindle-at-speed
05:43 PM Tom_L: hmm
05:43 PM Tom_L: did you see the threads i cut with the sherline spindle?
05:44 PM andypugh: No
05:44 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/thread_mills/Mill_holder4.jpg
05:46 PM Tom_L: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1oqjuYXmyE&t=44s
05:49 PM Tom_L: been told i'm running it way too slow
05:50 PM andypugh: Doesn’t look slow to me.
05:50 PM andypugh: But what do I know?
05:50 PM Tom_L: more than me
05:51 PM Tom_L: says it's 467 sfm
05:54 PM andypugh: HSS or carbide?
05:56 PM Tom_L: carbide
05:59 PM andypugh: 140m/min
05:59 PM andypugh: Faster than I normally run, but then I have a really rather slow spindle.
05:59 PM Tom_L: i'm gonna bump up the rpm for sure but this was the first off part
06:00 PM Tom_L: it calculated a .0004" chip load which i probably could increase too
06:00 PM andypugh: What diameter? If it’s 1” then that SFM is about 900rpm
06:01 PM Tom_L: the thread is 3/4 16 and the cutter is .595"
06:01 PM andypugh: And it looked like about that
06:01 PM Tom_L: the cad cam tells me the SFM
06:01 PM andypugh: OK, so 1800rpm then
06:01 PM Tom_L: 3000
06:02 PM andypugh: Ah, yes, I had a spurious 2 in there
06:02 PM Tom_L: probably will bump it to 4000
06:02 PM Tom_L: 6 flute
06:03 PM Tom_L: lcvette tends to run his stuff pretty fast though and he's the one that said it's way to slow
06:04 PM Tom_L: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIf6IUTWeZM&feature=youtu.be
06:04 PM Tom_L: check his out
06:05 PM Tom_L: somewhere past 1 min in
06:05 PM Tom_L: steel i think he said
06:05 PM Tom_L: 'iron'
06:07 PM andypugh: That’s a rather smaller thread-mill though
06:09 PM Tom_L: still seems fast
06:09 PM andypugh: Yes, I agree.
06:10 PM andypugh: It was instructve to walk around MPM. The spindle and cutting speeds there all seemeed very modest compared to YouTube demos.
06:10 PM Tom_L: if i were after production runs i'd worry
06:10 PM Tom_L: yeah
06:10 PM andypugh: MPM were production...
06:10 PM Tom_L: yeah i know
06:11 PM Tom_L: most mfg demos push their stuff to the max
06:13 PM Tom_L: first part i started out nominal on the PD and added .002" for clearance on the 2nd try and it fit nice and snug on the spindle
06:13 PM * Tom_L just realized he's in devel...