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Mar 07 2019

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09:11 AM skunkworks: anyone know how to build stlink?
09:14 AM skunkworks: https://github.com/texane/stlink/blob/master/doc/compiling.md
09:14 AM skunkworks: the directions seem to assume you know what you are doing
09:14 AM skunkworks: I have pulled the repository - but any form of cmake seems to fail
09:14 AM mozmck: hi skunkworks: according to the docs you need build-essential, cmake, and libusb-1.0 dev at least.
09:15 AM mozmck: and libgtk-3-dev for the gui
09:15 AM mozmck: what linux are you trying to build on?
09:16 AM skunkworks: debian
09:17 AM skunkworks: I have build essential
09:18 AM mozmck: sudo apt-get install build-essential cmake libusb-1.0-0-dev libgtk-3-dev
09:18 AM mozmck: That will install anything you are missing.
09:19 AM mozmck: Looks like you should be able to just run $ make release from the root source dir
09:21 AM skunkworks: how do you get that ?
09:22 AM skunkworks: [RELEASE]
09:22 AM skunkworks: make[1]: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop.
09:22 AM skunkworks: Makefile:27: recipe for target 'release' failed
09:22 AM skunkworks: make: *** [release] Error 2
09:22 AM mozmck: how do I get it? I read that in the doc you linked. I just cloned and ran make release and it compiled perfectly.
09:22 AM mozmck: Are you in the stlink directory?
09:23 AM skunkworks: yes - I feel stupid -
09:23 AM mozmck: Is it a fresh pull? I literally just cloned, changed to the stlink directory, and ran 'make release' and it built. I'm on Linux mint 17.3 I think
09:24 AM skunkworks: pulled last night
09:24 AM skunkworks: let me start over
09:24 AM mozmck: Odd. It's acting like the makefile is not there.
09:26 AM skunkworks: git clone https://github.com/texane/stlink.git
09:26 AM skunkworks: I must have messed it up..
09:27 AM skunkworks: that worked - I think I was using a terminal that was . ./script/rip[mumble] for linuxcnc - I think then it got confused
09:28 AM mozmck: oh, maybe so!
09:37 AM pcw_home: Yes, that breaks all manor of things...
01:06 PM skunkworks: I was able to flash the firmware back into the stmbl drive.. (I managed to somehow screw it up)
01:56 PM jthornton: https://github.com/LinuxCNC/linuxcnc/issues/564
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06:33 PM jthornton: pcw_home: are there bit files for the 7i76e to flash with mesaflash?
06:54 PM Tom_L: odd the 7I76 zip file on mesanet saves as: 7i80.zip
06:54 PM Tom_L: s/7i76/7i76e
06:54 PM jthornton: yea I noticed that but it has some 7i76e bit files in it
06:55 PM Tom_L: anything special you need?
06:55 PM Tom_L: they might not be compiled for the right board though
06:55 PM Tom_L: unless they're both the same
06:56 PM Tom_L: which i doubt they are
06:56 PM jthornton: no, I'm just working on my 7i76e configuration tool and it can flash cards
06:57 PM Tom_L: oh
06:57 PM jthornton: if you look in the 7i80.zip it has both 7i80 and 7i76e bit files
06:57 PM Tom_L: you should walk them thru the jumper settings if you're gonna do that
06:57 PM jthornton: did you get 2.8 going?
06:58 PM Tom_L: not yet, just now getting in where i can 'play'
06:58 PM jthornton: I'm just about to call it a day and wander upstairs
06:58 PM Tom_L: yeah i see all the bit files for the 7i76e
06:59 PM Tom_L: a few anyway
06:59 PM jthornton: qtpyvcp has vtk now working and it's 30 times faster than gremlin
06:59 PM jthornton: and uses less memory
07:00 PM * Tom_L feels jthornton just spoke some greek to him but nods in agreement anyway
07:00 PM Tom_L: what's vtk?
07:00 PM jthornton: vtk is the visual tool kit similar to hmm what does gremlin use...
07:00 PM Tom_L: some tool kit
07:01 PM Tom_L: i dunno anything about gremlin either
07:01 PM jthornton: but a higher level language
07:01 PM jthornton: gremlin is what all of emc's backplots are using
07:01 PM Tom_L: does 2.7 support it?
07:01 PM Tom_L: or just 2.8
07:01 PM jthornton: dang can't think of it
07:02 PM jthornton: no just 2.8 and best to use debian 9
07:02 PM jthornton: but it should run ok on a RPi
07:02 PM Tom_L: power hungry?
07:02 PM jthornton: no, very skimpy on power or memory just fast to load
07:03 PM jthornton: 2.8 because of libraries etc
07:03 PM Tom_L: why stretch then and not wheezy?
07:03 PM Tom_L: if it will run on a RPi it should run on wheezy
07:04 PM jthornton: all my RPi's run debian 9 version
07:04 PM Tom_L: has anyone done a mill gui with it yet?
07:04 PM jthornton: yep me
07:04 PM Tom_L: i saw that i think
07:05 PM jthornton: https://github.com/jethornton/bp_touch
07:05 PM jthornton: for a touch screen but that is still using gremlin
07:05 PM Tom_L: so where do the files go and how do you link them to linuxcnc? just in the ini like any frontend?
07:05 PM jthornton: we just shook out most of the bugs in vtk the last few days
07:05 PM Tom_L: i don't have any touch screens
07:05 PM Tom_L: probably why i'm in no rush to look at it
07:05 PM jthornton: mouse works too lol
07:06 PM Tom_L: yeah
07:06 PM jthornton: touch just has bigger buttons
07:06 PM Tom_L: do you still get widgets like spindle rpm etc?
07:07 PM jthornton: yea you can build a whole GUI with it
07:07 PM Tom_L: oh did you see the toolchange widget somebody did a couple days ago?
07:07 PM jthornton: https://qtpyvcp.kcjengr.com/
07:07 PM jthornton: yea they are working on a graphical tool carousel thingy
07:09 PM Tom_L: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuHRYzsR4Pc&feature=youtu.be
07:09 PM Tom_L: carousel
07:09 PM Tom_L: they are loaded counterclockwise though
07:09 PM Tom_L: is that normal?
07:09 PM Tom_L: 1-12
07:18 PM jthornton: beats me lol, can't look at a video till am
07:19 PM Tom_L: i figured. it's short and you have the link :)
07:19 PM jthornton: yep
07:20 PM jthornton: just warming up some Texas Red for dinner here
07:21 PM Tom_L: i'm over due for a nap
07:26 PM jthornton: nap is 2 days away for me lol
07:55 PM hazzy-m: Tom_L: Now it has pocket numbers: https://youtu.be/W_MkgMLUm3c
07:56 PM hazzy-m: good point on the order, I would think they should increase in the CW direction instead of CCW ..
08:57 PM Tom_L: i'd have to go check a real machine to be sure
09:48 PM skunkworks: so - can you calculate power or hp from current and rpm?
10:05 PM Tom_L: do i need a key to be able to update 2.7 pre to 2.7.14?
10:06 PM Tom_L: i've got the deb pointing to linuxcnc.org/ wheezy base 2.7 rtai
10:06 PM Tom_L: but i swear it's not updating
10:07 PM Tom_L: same setting as the 'real' ssd. this is a test ssd i'm setting up...
10:15 PM Tom_L: nevermind. operator error
10:17 PM skunkworks: oh good - I had no clue what you were talking about
10:17 PM Tom_L: i forgot to hit 'refresh' :)
10:18 PM Tom_L: err "reload"
10:18 PM Tom_L: i wanted to test my config on the new drive before i update to 2.8
10:32 PM hazzy-m: skunkworks: do you have current but not voltage?
10:33 PM Tom_L: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/New-DC-6-5-100V-0-20A-LCD-Display-Digital-Current-Voltage-Power-Energy-Meter-Multimeter/32765908468.html
10:34 PM Tom_L: i got one of those to try but haven't had a chance to yet
10:34 PM Tom_L: for my spindle
10:35 PM Tom_L: wouldn't work for you since the voltage is higher
10:35 PM hazzy-m: torque and RPM would give you mechanical power, and current and voltage would give you electrical power, but you can't get power from current and RPM without knowing some other parrameters
10:38 PM hazzy-m: Tom_L: that looks pretty decent
10:39 PM skunkworks: hazzy-m: yes - the stmbl only exposes current...
10:39 PM Tom_L: for smaller loads
10:39 PM skunkworks: Maybe I will get them to expose some more pins...
10:39 PM skunkworks: :)
10:40 PM skunkworks: rene_dev_: !
10:40 PM skunkworks: I am sure within stmbl they have power
10:41 PM skunkworks: hazzy-m: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6rJsCKzUK0
10:41 PM hazzy-m: ah, interesting. I would think it has the hardwear to read voltage
10:42 PM * hazzy-m needs to play with his STMBLs
10:42 PM skunkworks: I hit a wall with the stmbl's until I broke one and had to re-install the firmware.. Needless to say - I think the firmware was too old...
10:43 PM skunkworks: Current firmware works as expected
10:46 PM hazzy-m: nice vid!
10:47 PM skunkworks: ended too soon - hit back on my phone... But gets the point across
10:47 PM hazzy-m: I noticed that the current goes negative every so often, is that regeneration from the motor?
10:48 PM skunkworks: I asked that on the stmbl chat.. I assume so - maybe it searches around the rpm a bit with no load..
10:49 PM skunkworks: (it might not be tuned perfectly either...
10:50 PM skunkworks: I honestly have very little experience with the drive and the docs need a bit of help. (hope to help with that)
10:50 PM skunkworks: amazingly powerful drives.
10:51 PM hazzy-m: yeah, that is what it looks like, I guess it would not take much of a variation in speed for it to start regenerating, but that current has to go somewhere, probably good you have that PSU with the dump circuit
10:51 PM skunkworks: I was just thinking that I would need more pins exposed - but I bet I could re-purpose the position fb pin...
10:51 PM skunkworks: from the drive
10:52 PM hazzy-m: I have a 1.5HP inverter duty 3PH motor on my spindle that I would like to run with STMBL, it should have plenty of power, but 320V is gettingright up to the max voltage rating so I guess I need to build a good breaking resister setup
10:53 PM hazzy-m: if you don't need orient then I guess that would be fine
10:53 PM skunkworks: they have a few configs based on induction motors... That is I think what rene_dev_ has for a spindle on his hoss
10:53 PM skunkworks: hass
10:53 PM skunkworks: whatever
10:53 PM hazzy-m: wait, do you even need the pos fb for orient, or is that all in the drive?
10:54 PM skunkworks: https://github.com/rene-dev/stmbl/blob/master/conf/haas_spindle.txt
10:54 PM skunkworks: I don't need orient..
10:54 PM hazzy-m: I saw renes vid, looks like it has no problem running that spindle! pretty amazing for how small the drives are
10:54 PM skunkworks: I know - and if I haven't destroyed on yet....
10:55 PM hazzy-m: thanks!
10:55 PM hazzy-m: hahaha, that is what I am worried about, need to get myself a spare can of smoke just in case
10:57 PM skunkworks: The 5 year project - they think the stmbl could read the accupins on the k&t...
10:57 PM skunkworks: that would be awesome
10:58 PM hazzy-m: I'm working on a Mazak VT41 moving column mill and think I'll use STMBLs for the axis drives if I can get them figured out, they are AC servos so should be easy enough
10:58 PM Tom_L: i hope someone is compiling a list of configs for it for various setups
10:58 PM hazzy-m: oh nice!
11:00 PM hazzy-m: are the accupins read mb change in mag flux like a newell DRO?
11:00 PM hazzy-m: never head of them before
11:10 PM skunkworks: they are very old tech.. From the 60's
11:10 PM skunkworks: hazzy-m: http://electronicsam.com/images/KandT/conversion/accpinset1.jpg
11:10 PM skunkworks: top is reader - bottom is scale
11:12 PM hazzy-m: I think a newell scale is similare tech, but uses spheres in a tube instead of pins
11:13 PM skunkworks: right - it would split the pins into .0001"
11:13 PM skunkworks: magically - really - don't know how they did things back then
11:14 PM skunkworks: the schematic... http://electronicsam.com/images/KandT/conversion/accu.pdf
11:14 PM Tom_L: they got to the moon using slide rules.. guess they just used their heads
11:14 PM skunkworks: that can't be right...
11:14 PM skunkworks: ;)
11:14 PM hazzy-m: pretty clever, and the thermal expantion coef is the same as the work peice (assuming you are cutting steel )
11:14 PM hazzy-m: haha, pretty amazing what they were able to do with what they had
11:17 PM skunkworks: yes - it would solve some of our temp changes...
11:17 PM skunkworks: mainly in the y axis..
11:19 PM skunkworks: the y axis moves away from the table as temp increases.
11:19 PM hazzy-m: a 1983 BP boss controler I replaces with LCNC a while back had full 3 axes interpolated motion, including helixes, and ridged tapping capability, absolutely blew me away
11:19 PM skunkworks: (and the spindle gets warm...)
11:20 PM hazzy-m: does it have servos?
11:20 PM skunkworks: we have a 85ish mazak lathe with the original control still.. It is amazing with graphical preview and tool
11:21 PM skunkworks: hazzy-m: yes - it does now... It used to have hydraulic servos.. (and it shared one servo for x z and b
11:22 PM hazzy-m: on a newer (early 90s) BP lathe the CRT failed and since it had a VGA port one of the guys tried pluggin in a monotor, the UI was in color! LOL
11:25 PM hazzy-m: ah, I was wondering if it was/had been hydraulic
11:26 PM hazzy-m: the Siemens turbine plant in NC has a bunch of old machines they have updated with servos, they were mostly hydraulic befor so I guess that was common back then when tubes were all they had
11:27 PM hazzy-m: time to hit the hay here ..
11:27 PM hazzy-m: gn8
11:28 PM skunkworks: nivht!
11:28 PM skunkworks: night!