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Dec 25 2018

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07:52 AM hazzy-m: Merry Christmas!
08:11 AM crazyben: Could someone give me a idea how you aligned your Z-Axis in perfect 90° angle according to the machine table (X-/Y-axis). My first idea was to put the shaft of this tool into my spindle chuck and attach an analogue gauging clock. What do you think about this?
08:15 AM hazzy-m: crazyben yes, that is the standard method. Put an indicator in the spindle and sweep the table
08:17 AM crazyben: hazzy-m, thank you
08:21 AM crazyben: hazzy-m, could you suggest a vendor of a analogue gauging clock and / or a mounting arm for it? have you heared about "steinle"? an link to amazon or so would be great :-)
08:31 AM hazzy-m: crazyben: I like interapid indicators, but they are not cheap: http://a.co/d/9TPnrBh
08:32 AM hazzy-m: I also have a cheap fowler indicator that work fine
08:33 AM hazzy-m: I have not heard about steinle indicators
08:34 AM hazzy-m: crazyben: What type of machine do you have?
08:36 AM crazyben: hazzy-m: a self made machine. more or less a bed router
08:40 AM hazzy-m: Good, then you probably don't need a test indicator
08:43 AM hazzy-m: I dial indicator should be fine, this or the metric equivalent should be plenty adequate: http://a.co/d/hnRNzy0