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Dec 12 2018

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05:54 AM crazyben: Hi, looks like my linuxcnc instance does not fully unload when closing main window. Any idea would be appreciated
07:13 AM crazyben: Hello, did anyone had such an issue while starting up linuxcnc 2.8? https://pastebin.com/embed_js/YdiCCigM
07:52 AM pcw_home: you have a real time delay, probably because you are trying to run the servo thread too fast
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11:16 AM crazyben: hi, looks like I found the root for my latency issue in the meantime. A process named "Ethercat-EoE" is consiming 97% of CPU. I disabled already all virtualisation technologies within the Bios
11:17 AM crazyben: Looks like this process is furthermore not terminated when closing the linuxcnc-gui. Within the shell I can see "A non vlocked signal was caught" after the gui closed.
11:47 AM jepler: I'll be taking a bit of a break from IRC. I'll continue to stay on top of forum updates, but I'll do my quick reboots without notice when necessary.
11:51 AM pcw_home: crazyben: (should you read this later) I would expect crazy behavior since your servo thread is running waaaay too fast
11:55 AM crazyben: pcw_home: Hi, what does that mean? .. Looks like I don't have the necessary background knowledge
11:57 AM pcw_home: the error message said the servo thread period was 100000 ns (= 10 KHz) 1 Khz would be more normal for this
12:00 PM crazyben: pcw_home : This can be adjusted as "BASE_PERIOD" and "SERVO_PERIOD" within INI-File, isn't it?
12:00 PM pcw_home: If you have a base thread, remove it
12:01 PM crazyben: What are common values for BASE_PERIOD / BASE_PERIOD ?
12:02 PM pcw_home: Not sure about thge EtherCAT driver but normally for external hardware (non-parallel port configs), base is not used at all and servo thread is 1KHz = 1000000 ns
12:04 PM crazyben: I have SERVO_PERIOD=1000000 and BASE_PERIOD=100000. Checked my hal-files in the meantime. Looks like the whole config is based on servo_threads
12:04 PM pcw_home: OK servo thread is right but somehow you have the base thread enabled
12:05 PM crazyben: I guess I may have some fragments of parallel-port config somewhere..
12:10 PM crazyben: nope, I don't see any link to an base_thread. To be honest, I did a new setup of my config a couple days ago. Everything was running on linuxcnc2.8 based on ubuntu.12.04 stable.
12:10 PM crazyben: pcw_home: this is the same laptop I used..
12:11 PM pcw_home: "Unexpected realtime delay on task 0 with period 100000"
12:11 PM pcw_home: i forget how you disbale the base thread maybe set to 0 period
12:13 PM pcw_home: on my (non base thread) configs the base thread period is simple omitted
12:22 PM pcw_home: (probably defaults to 0 = not used)
12:31 PM crazyben: pcw_home: I will come back to you tomorrow - I am totally exhausted today. Sorry & Good night all
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