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Nov 27 2018

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05:57 PM jthornton: trying to push my changes to a branch but I get and error about upstream error https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/v6FkpSvMy8/
06:10 PM pcw_mesa: I noticed one bug-let in the 7I96 config program: only 5 SSR outputs are shown
06:11 PM andypugh: Anyone good with Kernel “oops”messages?
06:11 PM andypugh: https://forum.linuxcnc.org/26-turning/27330-eccentric-turning?start=30#121496
06:11 PM andypugh: A guy has just built 2,8 from source, he is using a 7i43.
06:12 PM andypugh: I _think_ it’s based on an RTAI ISO install
08:53 PM jepler: andypugh: it *looks* like they're using an RTAI kernel with uspace's rtai support. This is *cough* not very well tested, just something I did to cross off a bullet point
08:54 PM jepler: something's gone wrong at the moment a LXRT API request was performed, but more than that is not clear
08:54 PM jepler: LXRT is RTAI's userspace API
08:55 PM jepler: I would recommend this user either switch to rtai kernel mode or to an preempt-rt kernel
09:12 PM jepler: (hmm cross off a bullet point? that doesn't quite make sense!)