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Nov 24 2018

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09:39 AM jepler: minor kunena update
09:42 AM jepler: and a quick reboot to placate the OS after a grub update
10:24 AM Roguish: CMorley: i'm curious now, what are you doing with ProbeScreen (Vers's work) ?
10:25 AM Roguish: sort of updating all the graphics stuff?
03:10 PM crazyben: Hello, could you help me to upgrade linuxcnc 2.7 to 2.8 ?
03:10 PM JT-Shop: it's still down
03:10 PM JT-Shop: and the person that runs it is not here so he may be down as well
03:11 PM crazyben: Do you think it may be possible that I have all the sources on my old (2.8) installation?
03:25 PM crazyben: ok - made it working on my own using github.com/LinuxCNC/linuxcnc
03:29 PM CMorley: Roguish:Porting versa probe to QtVCP - it's originally a gladeVCP project
03:30 PM CMorley: porting ^^^
04:13 PM Roguish: CMorley: so, that's an update to help with updating all the gladeVCP stuff? wonderful.
04:28 PM CMorley: Well not really. It's a project to use QT widgets rather then GTK widgets - whether it replaces gladeVCP remains to be seen - I would hope that both projects could be possible - Someday I intend to update gladeVCP if I have any energy left :)
04:33 PM Roguish: appreciate all the efforts.
05:00 PM Roguish: CMorley: been reading about QT vs GTK. seems like QT is more current. Which QT are you working with? QT5 ?
05:07 PM CMorley: yes QT5 though using python2 so a little behind the times but we are stuck with it in linuxcnc for some time yet
05:08 PM Roguish: so why is python2 so separate from python3?
05:09 PM Roguish: is hazzy working with QT5 also?
05:12 PM Roguish: I'd like to try a bit of coding help. trying to figure where to start.
05:16 PM CMorley: python 3 is incompatible with python 2 in many ways
05:16 PM Roguish: just reading that....
05:16 PM CMorley: Hazzy is working on his own qtvcp project
05:16 PM Roguish: https://learntocodewith.me/programming/python/python-2-vs-python-3/
05:17 PM Roguish: so, is Linuxcnc stuck with Python2? why?
05:17 PM CMorley: in linuxcnc it's the python extension to c and C++ that are the real problem
05:18 PM Roguish: or does it really matter?
05:18 PM CMorley: just because python is incorperated _all_ over and one really needs to convert everything all at once
05:19 PM CMorley: it matters because libraries are converting to python3 so we isolate ourselves -
05:19 PM Roguish: so, one can't mix Python 2 with Python 3, in a larger code like lcnc?
05:20 PM CMorley: you can to some degree
05:20 PM CMorley: for instance if we had a python3 option for python's hal and linuxcnc library, the guis could use python3
05:21 PM Roguish: ok, how is that done?
05:21 PM Roguish: lots of dev work, i presume?
05:21 PM CMorley: I started a branch for python3 hal library
05:21 PM CMorley: using cython in my case
05:22 PM CMorley: it's very rough - really a proof of concept
05:23 PM Roguish: https://pypi.org/project/Cython/
05:23 PM CMorley: I finding it tough to start the linuxcnc library as I'm not good at C++
05:23 PM Roguish: I left coding at Fortran 5
05:23 PM CMorley: lol
05:24 PM Roguish: started with cards on an IBM 360-70
05:24 PM CMorley: Anyways at the moment QtVCP keeps me busy trying to get it ready for merge
05:25 PM Roguish: well. good luck, and good efforts.
05:25 PM CMorley: atari 600xl was my first real programming experience - basic and asembly
05:25 PM Roguish: thanks for the brief eduction.......
05:26 PM CMorley: Thanks. Feel free to comment on code or anything else about it. Critique is helpful.
05:26 PM CMorley: TTYL
05:27 PM Roguish: yeah, i did basic also. first (an only) coding class, the instructor came in the first day and announced "this is an applications course, if you don't know a language, learn one..." half the class did not show up for the 2nd meeting