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Oct 24 2018

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09:31 AM hazzy-m: Is there any way to get the current tool diameter and offsets from the python interface?
09:34 AM hazzy-m: I have tried `stat.tool_table[stat.tool_in_spindle].diameter` but I just realized that does not always return the diameter for the current tool since the tool_table array has no relation to tool number
10:31 AM jepler: forum reboot coming up
10:33 AM hazzy-m: jepler (IRC): thanks!
10:34 AM jepler: it's unusually slow downloading updates from ubuntu! I expected to be rebooted by now.
10:36 AM jepler: OK rebooting!
10:36 AM jepler: and we're back
01:01 PM jepler: I did some fiddling around with the live image generation and while I haven't gotten it to be able to install to disk without network, I have followed the trail of clues in that debian bug and gotten a bit closer
01:02 PM jepler: it mentions adding grub-pc.deb to the cdrom, but that's not enough; it has dependencies and I don't see a way to say "chase all those dependencies for me, excluding the ones that will already be installed in the live image"
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03:56 PM KimK: jepler: Strange that you are researching that problem and then I run across this https://repology.org/metapackage/freecad/versions (and therefore, this https://repology.org/ ) in another channel. Pardon my ignorance, but would that help at all with your situation?
03:59 PM KimK: Interesting, they have a page for LinuxCNC: https://repology.org/metapackage/linuxcnc/versions
03:59 PM KimK: Not too much there, though.
04:02 PM KimK: They have 28 listings for grub*, but none for grub-pc: https://repology.org/metapackage/grub/versions
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