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Oct 13 2018

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11:30 AM jepler: forum update coming
11:33 AM jepler: and, skunkworks's favorite bug, the way that the navigation bar disappears on mobile after every update, either wasn't put back by the recent update, or else it is fixed upstream now. If the latter, hooray.
11:33 AM jepler: or is that one broken on kunena updates and not joomla updates? that might be it.
12:52 PM pcw_home: Thanks for keeping the forum updated!
01:00 PM skunkworks: Yay - thanks
02:31 PM skunkworks: pcw_home: you get slightly more i/o with the 7i76e vs the 7i92+7i76 - right
02:32 PM skunkworks: (out of the box)
04:39 PM pcw_home: You have one more free 25 pin FPGA port
04:40 PM pcw_home: the other I/O is the same (a 7I76E is just a 7I76 grafted onto a FPGA card)
05:37 PM skunkworks: pcw_home: right - what I was thinking
06:50 PM pcw_home: Ive found that that low temperature (138C) solder paste is great for protos (since our Assy house has gotten so slow/expensive on protos)
06:52 PM pcw_home: You can even fix stuff without melting nearby through-hole comps to a puddle
10:51 PM hazzy-m: test
10:54 PM hazzy-m: CMorley: Whoa! cython HAL interface? Awesome!
10:54 PM hazzy-m: CMorley: I figured out how to add custom widget editor dialogs in QtDesigner: https://i.imgur.com/2xq7mVB.png
10:55 PM hazzy-m: Notice the rules editor. The idea is to be able to connect various "data channels" (status, HAL, websockets, ...) and be able to set widget states, text, etc. based on the data. You can also run the data thru an arbitrary python expression to manipulate it if needed. Should be very versatile and easy enough to use
10:56 PM CMorley: very nice.
10:57 PM CMorley: the cython bindings only testable. lots of work to go on them but it is a proof of concept
10:59 PM hazzy-m: it seems like a good idea
11:12 PM CMorley: it aparently allows on to make python2 or python3 modules though I haven't tried it. i barely could get to where I got.
11:13 PM CMorley: If I can do the same for the linuxcnc module then we could build python3 GUIs
11:37 PM hazzy-m: Ill have to study up on cython, I don't know anything about it, but hear it is good. It would make so many things easier if we could use py3.
11:38 PM hazzy-m: Logs, I didn't give you permission to leave