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Oct 11 2018

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05:01 PM andypugh: hazzy-m: ^
06:55 PM Tom_L: andypugh does multispindle allow for multiple spindle control at once or one at a time?
06:56 PM andypugh: One at a time. But bear in mind that the actual outputs to hardware will activate at the same time
06:56 PM Tom_L: true
06:57 PM andypugh: MSS100$1 and M3S1000$2 will be processed microseconds apart, then the hardware will changes state about 1mS later.
06:57 PM Tom_L: i'm visualizing those lathes that grab part off from the end for 2nd end turning etc
06:58 PM Tom_L: not that anyone is gonna have one of those to retrofit yet...
06:58 PM Tom_L: fairly new tech
07:10 PM andypugh: I wouldn’t bet on it. I actually came back to the multispindle after a year of ognoring it when someone reported a bug. It turns out that it was being used.
07:12 PM andypugh: And he is using it on a 2-spindle lathe.
07:13 PM andypugh: Whether it is a spindle + counter-spindle or some other seteup I am not sure.
07:13 PM andypugh: Anyway… Sleep
08:17 PM Tom_L: nice