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Oct 10 2018

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04:36 PM andypugh: hazzy-m: Is there an issue on the tracker about the strange UI behaviour you were seeing with Multispindle? Is there any chance that it is actually happening in your UI?
04:39 PM hazzy-m: andypugh: I was going to open an issue, but I got bamboozled trying to get enough info to write a coherent description 🙂
04:39 PM andypugh: Yeah, that is what I was hoping to get to find out what might be wrong.
04:40 PM hazzy-m: I ruled out that is was cause by my UI by testing without it, and it behaves the same
05:12 PM andypugh: OK, Python command line?
05:13 PM hazzy-m: yes, command line and HALUI, so it is not only a problem in the python interface
05:29 PM hazzy-m: I hate to be pushy, but it would be great if somebody could merge #502, assuming it is OK.
05:31 PM hazzy-m: I am generating valueChanged QSignals for each of the status attributes, and since `override-enabled` is not a valid attribute name it causes problems
06:15 PM rene_dev_: hazzy-m does it just rename pins?
06:15 PM hazzy-m: rene_dev_: just an item in the spindle dictionary
06:16 PM rene_dev_: looks ok to me, I will merge it...
06:16 PM hazzy-m: and that item does not seem to be used by any of the GUIs
06:16 PM hazzy-m: Thank you!
06:41 PM rene_dev_: how is the qt stuff getting along? anything I can test?
07:07 PM hazzy-m: rene_dev_: coming along very well
07:08 PM hazzy-m: right now it is broken because of multi spindle, but when I get that sorted out out let you know and I can walk you thru setting it up if you'd like to play with it
07:08 PM hazzy-m: there are some very preliminary docs here: https://qtpyvcp.kcjengr.com/
07:11 PM Tom_itx: hazzy-m was that inspired by lathes or something else?
07:12 PM hazzy-m: Tom_itx: by lathes?
07:13 PM hazzy-m: oh, you mean multispindle?
07:14 PM andypugh: multispindle is my fault, it just seemed like a good idea..
07:14 PM hazzy-m: it is a fantastic idea!
07:23 PM andypugh: Night all
07:23 PM hazzy-m: gn8
07:24 PM Tom_itx: hah
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07:25 PM Tom_L: well i can see it's usefulness