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Oct 06 2018

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11:51 AM hazzy-m: andypugh: I think I fixed the tests that were failing, but how do I run the tests localy to make sure?
11:56 AM jepler: http://linuxcnc.org/docs/devel/html/code/building-linuxcnc.html After you’ve successfully built LinuxCNC it’s time to run the tests:
11:56 AM hazzy-m: jepler: thank you
11:57 AM hazzy-m: I was being lazzy ..
12:15 PM hazzy-m: the tests are still failing, but it seems like they are unrelated to my changes because they also fail on master
12:15 PM hazzy-m: so is it ok as long as I don't cause any additional tests to fail?
12:43 PM jepler: https://travis-ci.org/LinuxCNC/linuxcnc/branches travis-ci says all tests succeeded on master branch the last time it built
12:44 PM jepler: 2 days ago there was a problem but it appears to have been resolved soon after
12:44 PM jepler: it's more of a pain to get to buildbot's test results which cover more architectures
12:46 PM hazzy-m: the build bot has been quiet, I guess he can't talk anymore
12:46 PM -!- #linuxcnc-devel mode set to +v by jepler
12:47 PM hazzy-m: I guess none of the GUIs check if spindle override is enabled before trying to set it
12:57 PM jepler: Runtest: 224 tests run, 224 successful, 0 failed + 0 expected
12:57 PM jepler: jepler@babs:~/src/linuxcnc$ git describe
12:57 PM jepler: v2.7.14-2100-gdb55cea248
12:57 PM jepler: master branch passes all tests for me locally at that ref
01:31 PM hazzy-m: jepler: I just ran the tests again and they all passed
01:31 PM hazzy-m: my guess it that I started LCNC while they were still running by accident
02:49 PM KimK: linuxcnc-build: Hey there buildbot, how's it going?
02:50 PM KimK: Didn't it used to say, "My master told me not to talk to anyone." ?
02:52 PM hazzy-m: KimK: I think his cruel master cut his tongue out because he caught him talking to people despite his strict orders
02:53 PM KimK: Ha!
02:53 PM hazzy-m: actualy, I think it can't talk because it is not registered
02:53 PM hazzy-m: but that's not as fun :)
02:54 PM KimK: A few lines back jepler gave voice to buildbot, so I was just checking. Not sure what results mean.
02:56 PM hazzy-m: Ah, I did not see that. I'm bridging into IRC from matrix
03:23 PM KimK: I was not aware of Matrix. Have been reading about it just now, interesting, maybe I'll try it someday.
05:10 PM hazzy-m: andypugh: it appears that the `cmd.brake` method in the python interface was not updated for multi spindle.
05:11 PM hazzy-m: I've been trying to update it to take the spindle number, but haven't had much luck
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