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Oct 04 2018

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12:18 AM skunkworks: 4
12:33 AM hazzy-m: 5
12:54 AM skunkworks: https://www.cnczone.com/forums/linuxcnc-formerly-emc2-/366824-new-widescree-touch-linuxcnc-user-interface-proposal.html
12:54 AM skunkworks: wow missed all that drama
12:55 AM skunkworks: I thought she was doing that to write her own gui...
12:57 AM hazzy-m: oh my ...
12:58 AM hazzy-m: Some people just don't get how open source works
12:59 AM skunkworks: I know - right?
12:59 AM hazzy-m: typical mach3 user "Will it come on as I turn on linuxcnc like it does with mach3, if so it is very interesting."
12:59 AM hazzy-m: LOL
01:00 AM skunkworks: or why doesnt linuxcnc work like mach?
01:01 AM skunkworks: (although it is funny seeing people complain that 'you have to be a programmer to setup mach 4...')
01:05 AM hazzy-m: and what they mean by being a programmer is editing a few lines in a text file
01:06 AM hazzy-m: if they aren't comfortable with that don't know what they can do with gcode and all
01:06 AM skunkworks: on the linuxcnc side - yes. mach 4 now uses lua as its configuration language
01:07 AM hazzy-m: but lua is not difficult at all, not that much harder than an INI
01:07 AM skunkworks: when someone says th
01:08 AM skunkworks: heh
01:08 AM skunkworks: sure... but if you are used to a gui setup..
01:12 AM hazzy-m: yeah, it is a mental block coming from point-n-click. I struggled for quite a while when I switched from mach3, and the unfamiliar OS and everything made the transition harder
01:13 AM skunkworks: and it seems overly complicated.. http://www.machsupport.com/forum/index.php/topic,35694.0.html
01:13 AM skunkworks: or maybe supper flexable ;)
01:13 AM skunkworks: super
01:15 AM skunkworks: hazzy-m: you seem to have come a long way then :)
01:15 AM hazzy-m: yeah compared to HAL, which really is amazing at making simple things easy and complex things possible
01:17 AM skunkworks: sure. between hal and classic ladder I think almost anything could be done without programming... but you can also write realtime components too pretty easy.. heck even i have
01:20 AM hazzy-m: yes, in about a year and a half I have learned python (kinda) and switched to using linux for almost everything but for more advanced CAD/CAM. I had never used linux or had any real programing experience before switching to LCNC
01:21 AM skunkworks: awesome... linuxcnc (emc) got me into linux.
01:22 AM hazzy-m: And I had got my first PC only about 3yrs before that, so I was certainly not computer savy
01:22 AM skunkworks: very coo?
01:23 AM skunkworks: col
01:23 AM skunkworks: ugh
01:23 AM skunkworks: cool
01:23 AM hazzy-m: sweet, it seems that LCNC has brough a lot over people over to the good side :)
01:24 AM hazzy-m: well, i better snatch some winks here
01:24 AM hazzy-m: gn8
01:25 AM skunkworks: same here. night
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08:46 AM Jin^eLD: hi
09:19 AM jepler: forum reboot coming up just to be safe
09:19 AM jepler: (apache update)
09:21 AM jthornton: thanks jepler
11:44 AM rene_dev_: whoops
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