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Sep 22 2018

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04:56 AM Jin|away is now known as Jin^eLD
08:31 AM jepler: it creates a signal named the same as the first pin
08:32 AM jepler: (it's still in halcmd, it's just been marked deprecated for a very long time, afaik)
11:35 AM hazzy: there is a hal.set_p('pin.name') method in the hal python module, but there does not seems to be a hal.get_value('pen.name') type method. Am I missing something?
12:17 PM CMorley: no. i only added what I needed for pncconf at the time. It was for testing of Mesa board I/O with a test screen.
02:52 PM hazzy: CMorley: Thank you! I will look into adding it., there are several threads on the forum were it looks like a hal.get_value would have been the solution
02:55 PM CMorley: hazzy:it's already in qt5vcp_python2
02:55 PM CMorley: git sha1d 5d7edd
02:57 PM CMorley: hazzy ^^
03:09 PM hazzy: CMorley: Whoa, fantastic!
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07:44 PM memleak: Is it possible for me to get 2 PRs merged into 2.7?
07:44 PM memleak: Ones a backport, ones a new one.
07:44 PM memleak: I also have no idea how linuxcnc used to work without this patch as rtai_shm.ko was missing entirely from the tree.
07:59 PM memleak: There I am! :D
08:00 PM memleak: RTAI 3 might be broken right now as well.
08:02 PM memleak: LinuxCNC with RTAI cannot work without rt_shm_free and rt_shm_alloc. It is impossible.
08:11 PM memleak: Somewhere between LinuxCNC 2.6.13 and 2.7.14, rtai_shm was removed from the tree entirely.
08:14 PM memleak: Ah: 291d2594ca2dce17bdce70df6c787ffd7a8cc3dc
08:17 PM memleak: seb_kuzminsky: regardless of what rtai_sched does, rt_shm_free and rt_shm_alloc are only provided by rtai_shm.
08:17 PM memleak: https://github.com/NTULINUX/RTAI/blob/master/base/ipc/shm/shm.c
08:18 PM memleak: lines 735 and 736 are needed for rtapi -- [ 3902.786526] rtapi: Unknown symbol rt_shm_free (err 0) [ 3902.786530] rtapi: Unknown symbol rt_shm_alloc (err 0)
09:51 PM memleak: Night all! Be back during the week.