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Sep 21 2018

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01:20 PM pcw_mesa: maybe stupid brainstorm: for anonymous signals, name them by the driving node
01:20 PM pcw_mesa: so "net some_hal_output_pin some_hal_input_pin" creates signal sig_some_hal_output_pin
01:20 PM pcw_mesa: this has the advantage of creating well known signal names so aux hal files dont need to know the
01:20 PM pcw_mesa: (arbitrary) signal name, and you dont have to makeup signal names for intermediate logic signals if you dont care
01:20 PM pcw_mesa: (bi-di pins might be an issue)
01:56 PM * hazzy likes pcw_mesa's proposal
02:20 PM pcw_mesa: I think hal files could be a lot more portable, somehow need some common names or name metadata (we are guilty of adding way too many pin names ourselves)
02:26 PM rmu: IMO some kind of signal alias would be very useful
03:15 PM rene_dev_: yes
03:15 PM rene_dev_: agree
03:26 PM Tom_L: how to do that and remain backward compabible...
03:26 PM Tom_L: without causing code bloat
03:31 PM pcw_mesa: if you allow
03:31 PM pcw_mesa: "net pin pin" to create a signal name its backwards compatible but you might want "connect pin pin" or some other token to avoid confusion
03:32 PM pcw_mesa: since "net pin pin" would be an error now
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08:27 PM jepler: there's linkpp which is even older than net. I declared it deprecated when I created 'net'
08:27 PM jepler: but maybe time proves me wrong, not right
08:28 PM jepler: > An unlinked pin will retain the last value of the signal it was linked to.
08:28 PM jepler: hmm is this correct anymore? I think it's something mah changed for reasons
08:29 PM jepler: or maybe that's the behavior he added, not sure
08:29 PM jepler: and I can't conveniently get the history of that right now
09:42 PM pcw_home: Ahh so did linkpp create a hidden signal?