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Sep 17 2018

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02:48 AM Jin^eLD: morning
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01:22 PM andypugh: hazzy-m: [SPINDLE_9] was a thing that pncconf (and stepconf?) did. I never understood the choice.
01:22 PM andypugh: But nothing (other than HAL) uses it at the moment.
01:27 PM hazzy-m: andypugh: Thank you. Excellent corroboration with JT. He said the same thing in another chan, including about the name choice
01:28 PM hazzy-m: With multi spindle will there be multiple SPINDLE_n section in the INI?
01:28 PM hazzy-m: It seems like it would make since even now for setting MIN MAX and DEFAULT spindle speeds rather than setting them in the DISPLAY section
01:29 PM hazzy-m: sense* (that one always gets me)
01:31 PM hazzy-m: I know it is possible to add any section we want, but I mean a some what standardized spindle section documented in the configuration docs
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11:42 PM CMorley: Andypugh: pncconf used spindle_9 because it used an axis variable (for PID info) 0 -8 were axes, 9 ended up being the spindle. It was a programming short cut that never got cleaned up