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Sep 11 2018

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03:20 AM Jin|away is now known as Jin^eLD
03:23 AM Jin^eLD: mornin
10:54 AM jepler: forum update coming up
10:56 AM Roguish: jepler: thanks for taking such great care of the forum.
10:56 AM jepler: you're welcome
10:57 AM jepler: looks like we're back
02:02 PM Jin^eLD: no, 80 rpm lowest, 4000 rpm highest, 18 gears not counting neutral
02:02 PM Jin^eLD: wrong window
02:02 PM Jin^eLD: :)
02:03 PM Jin^eLD: yeah sorry, it was a mind-typo, I wanted to write the lowest and highest range but wrote 18 instead of 80 because I was thinking about the gears lol
02:03 PM Jin^eLD: crap! sorry
02:03 PM Jin^eLD: :)
03:03 PM Jin^eLD is now known as Jin|away
09:37 PM * jepler continues struggling with travis
09:42 PM * jepler gives up
09:43 PM jepler: I think it's just not going to work right now to get travis-ci to build stretch live images
09:43 PM jepler: root@dicker:~# docker exec builder mount -t proc proc /notproc
09:43 PM jepler: mount: proc is write-protected, mounting read-only
09:43 PM jepler: mount: cannot mount proc read-only
09:43 PM jepler: because the necessary steps of debootstrap, don't work
09:43 PM jepler: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/26406048/debootstrap-inside-a-docker-container
09:44 PM jepler: travis images are so old they make linuxcnc look fresh
09:44 PM jepler: er, yes, travis's ubuntu images
09:44 PM * jepler goes to bed