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Sep 10 2018

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11:46 AM sliptonic: Hi Everyone. I was looking to add some functionality to FreeCAD Path workbench and it triggered a debate. I wanted to get your feedback:
11:46 AM sliptonic: I was looking to add probing and z correction similar to how gcodewrapper does it.
11:47 AM sliptonic: Generate a probe gride, run it to get the points, then import the points to correct a toolpath.
11:47 AM sliptonic: But others noted that gcode senders like bCNC do this directly and perhaps the functionality should be closer to the controller end.
11:48 AM sliptonic: Does linuxcnc have a mechanism to interpolate Z coordinates given a probe map?
12:19 PM rmu|w: sliptonic: authoritave is only the source, but i don't think so. i think i would have found said functionality in my explorations. there is a possibility for leadscrew compensation and backlash compensation
12:22 PM rmu|w: probably it makes sense to compensate for a tilted tables, but arbitrarily shaped "wobbly" table, does that even make sense for a milling machine?
12:39 PM sliptonic: rmu|w: bCNC has it specifically for engraving circuit board where the material thickness might vary slightly but the engraving depth has to be constant. I've seen similar for engraving brass plate.
01:06 PM KimK: What about torch height compensation (THC) in plasma cutters, is that related? Would looking at that help? There you could be cutting corrugated sheet metal.
01:06 PM KimK: Yes, I know it's an analog input, but, it's an input.
02:29 PM KimK: (To our web people)(?): I accidentally discovered a broken link on the SagCAD homepage ( http://sagcad.osdn.jp/ ) mentioning us. "A Collection of Links Related to LinuxCNC", leading to the broken link at http://linuxcnc.org/links.html
02:30 PM KimK: We could point it back to the wiki, maybe? I'm not sure what exactly should be done, but there you go.
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