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Sep 08 2018

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07:44 AM Jin^eLD: does recent master head work for you guys? https://paste.ee/p/XskO1
07:44 AM Jin^eLD: what python version does it expect?
07:46 AM jthornton: looks like an error in the comp
07:50 AM Jin^eLD: who is its maintainer? a bit hard to fix that without having enough context
07:51 AM Jin^eLD: but the .comp is .c, not python, the exception is on halcompile, I wonder if its related to the python version on my system?
07:54 AM Jin^eLD: yeah, its not the comp itself I think
07:54 AM Jin^eLD: I added a traceback to the exception
07:54 AM Jin^eLD: OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'objects/hal/user_comps/thermistor.c'
07:54 AM Jin^eLD: looks more like some problem in halcompile
07:55 AM jthornton: way above my pay grade
07:55 AM Jin^eLD: )
08:03 AM jepler: Jin^eLD: you mention python version, you have to use python2 for everything linuxcnc.
08:11 AM jepler: anyway tip of master works fine on debian stable for me
08:11 AM jepler: Compiling hal/user_comps/xhc-hb04.cc
08:11 AM jepler: Preprocessing thermistor.comp
08:11 AM jepler: Compiling hal/user_comps/vfs11_vfd/vfs11_vfd.c
08:12 AM jepler: def _parse(rule, text, filename=None):
08:12 AM jepler: global P, S
08:12 AM jepler: S = HalScanner(text, filename=filename)
08:13 AM jepler: this is the most likely location of the error. maybe you also have an incompatible version of the yapps parser generator or its runtime
08:13 AM Jin^eLD: so its probably python3 thats default on Fedora I guess, I'll have to see how to force linuxcnc to stick with python2, I tried pointing it to the python2 binary via configure but that did not help
08:13 AM Jin^eLD: at the same time 2.7.14 tag does work fine
08:14 AM Jin^eLD: so it must be some change after the release that causes thsi
08:14 AM Jin^eLD: *this
08:15 AM Jin^eLD: is halcompile.py being generated? it does not seem to be under revision control unless I am missing something
08:15 AM jepler: commit 902eeef01a528290b9fb1d8bb1cc99454cdf82b6
08:16 AM jepler: we hade a fleeting gesture at python3 compatibility before getting tired
08:17 AM Jin^eLD: but that commmit is way before 2.7.14, something after 2.7.14 must have broken it?
08:18 AM jepler: ummm
08:18 AM jepler: that commit is not on 2.7
08:18 AM jepler: looking at the date is not the right information, because of branches
08:19 AM Jin^eLD: oh
08:19 AM jepler: $ git --help contains
08:19 AM jepler: `git contains' is aliased to `!f() { r=${2-HEAD}; if git merge-base --is-ancestor "$1" "$r"; then echo $r contains $1; return 0; else echo $r does not contain $1; return 1; fi; }; f'
08:19 AM jepler: $ git contains 902eeef01a528290b9fb1d8bb1cc99454cdf82b6 origin/2.7
08:19 AM jepler: origin/2.7 does not contain 902eeef01a528290b9fb1d8bb1cc99454cdf82b6
08:19 AM jepler: $ git contains 902eeef01a528290b9fb1d8bb1cc99454cdf82b6 origin/master
08:19 AM jepler: origin/master contains 902eeef01a528290b9fb1d8bb1cc99454cdf82b6
08:19 AM jepler: afk
08:20 AM Jin^eLD: aha... so that commit actually breaks it :)
08:46 AM Jin^eLD: btw based on what I see from configure it does use python 2.7 here, so the python3 compat commit probably goes a bit too far
08:47 AM Jin^eLD: I surprisingly have a different problem now though, after switching branches back and forth and doing some build I got back to master, did a make clean but I am now again failing in halcompile with: import yapps.yappsrt as yappsrt
08:47 AM Jin^eLD: I do have yapps, but it has no yappsrt thing...
08:49 AM Jin^eLD: which python vesion exactly are you using with master?
02:58 PM rene_dev_: Jin^eLD are you working on python3 support?
03:09 PM Jin^eLD: rene_dev_: no, I am not that good at python to know the differences between python2 and python3
03:09 PM Jin^eLD: I tried to compile linuxcnc on Fedora 27 and ran into python problems
03:09 PM Jin^eLD: it uses python 2.7
03:09 PM Jin^eLD: and the release tag compiles fine, but the python3 support patch that jepler mentioned breaks it
03:10 PM Jin^eLD: another thing to look out for is Fedora 28 - they removed rpc headers from glibc and everyone is supposed to use the libtirpc library now
03:10 PM Jin^eLD: that's something I can look into
03:17 PM Jin^eLD: I am a bit surprised that only autoconf is used, but not automake...
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