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Aug 18 2018

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12:16 PM pcw_home: Big spam flood on forum...
12:21 PM pcw_home: 21 posts
12:22 PM pcw_home: all same poster = ieltsbuy8
05:09 PM jthornton: pcw_home: I'm not seeing the posts but blocked the user what section did they post in?
05:34 PM pcw_home: they posted all over...
05:45 PM jthornton: ok
05:45 PM pcw_home: does blocking remove the posts? (They are all gone now)
05:46 PM jthornton: no, someone else must have deleted the posts
05:46 PM pcw_home: OK
05:47 PM jthornton: someone on my level to do a permanent delete, if a moderator deletes it I can still see the post
05:48 PM jthornton: time to chill it was a hot ride to Jonesboro and back on the bike