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Aug 08 2018

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10:38 AM jepler: It's been about a week since I silenced unregistered users. I had originally stated I'd keep the ban for at least a week. How's anybody feel about removing the channel mode?
10:42 AM mozmck: I guess it can't hurt to remove it and see if the spammers are still active. When I logged on I got this from freenode, "(notice) Due to the persistent ongoing spam, all new connections are being set +R (block messages from unidentified users) and will be scanned for vulnerabilities."
10:43 AM mozmck: So maybe they are blocked on all of freenode right now anyhow?
10:44 AM mozmck: Hmm, but it looks like there was just now a spammer over on #linux-kernel...
10:44 AM mozmck: and another...
10:45 AM jepler: hm I think that applies to /msg from unidentified users, not unidentified users on a channel where you are. not sure.
10:45 AM jepler: well, I can wait another week, it doesn't bother me.
10:47 AM jepler: OK, based on feedback here and in #linuxcnc I'll leave the ban in place for another week.
02:00 PM KimK: jepler, cradek, seb_kuzminsky, and anyone else who is interested in the current IRC spam : For those who run with joins/exits supressed, here's a paste of spammers silenced over the last several days: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Y2VtrK3kSR/ There were many other suspicious joins/exits too, but I didn't include those.
02:03 PM KimK: Needless to say, I support keeping spam suppression in place, at least for now.
02:42 PM mozmck: KimK, Unit193 is not a bot it's a legit person. He was just added as a staff member on oftc I noticed.
02:42 PM KimK: Oh, a live human? Excellent!
02:45 PM mozmck: https://unit193.net/
05:53 PM hazzy-lab: spam is still alive and well, a great majority of it is even getting thru in chans that have Sigyn, some 20-30 new spam messages in #pyqt since I checked this morning :(
05:54 PM hazzy-lab: jepler: Thanks for keeping it under control, we need somebody like you in pyqt :)