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Jul 24 2018

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05:42 AM jthornton: is [EMC] VERSION in the ini file used for anything anymore?
05:44 AM spma: It is used (at least i do) to track the version of the INI file for a configuration
05:45 AM spma: It's more of a "debug" feature, i think
05:49 AM spma: Does anyone know if there is possible to add another column to the tooltable?? I'm currently retrofitting a lathe and there is no "Tool wear" offset option, i'd like to add that if it's possible
05:50 AM rmu: spma: +1
06:00 AM rmu: spma: currently such a possibility doesn't exist.
06:00 AM rmu: spma: it would be nice if tool table would track some other things, like running-time of a tool, number of toolchanges, etc...
06:14 AM spma: rmu: not even in the tooleditor code?? it would be a lot better instead of the workaround of using another tool entry to represent the wear and runnung G43.2 on that...because on lathes it an offset that is always added to the tool offset when G43 is run
06:21 AM rmu: spma: with code, everything is possible
06:24 AM spma: rmu: sorry, i guess i wasn't clear enough, but for me it's ok doing it with code. I'm currently looking at tooledit.tcl, hope i'm on the right place
06:31 AM rmu: spma: i heard rumors that some branch exists somewhere that moved tooltable into sqlite
06:32 AM rmu: there you could add columns as needed
06:36 AM rmu: spma: http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?RemappingStatus
06:37 AM rmu: spma: http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ToolDatabase
06:38 AM rmu: spma: you surely know this thread: https://forum.linuxcnc.org/gmoccapy/34325-lathe-tool-wear
06:44 AM spma: rmu: yes, i've read it and saw the workarround of having more entries that would represent the tool wear, and i'm ok with using the workaround for a while. I thought i'd remap the "G43 Hx" code to " G43 Hx G43.2 H100x " with 100x being the entry representing the wear
06:46 AM spma: rmu: but it would be better if those values would be in the same tool entry, as there would be no doubt about where the wear info is
06:48 AM spma: rmu: thanks for the wiki threads, i haven't seen those yet
07:04 AM spma: i believe the current release still uses the tooledit.tcl script, cause i don't find any other reference to tool editor
09:53 AM hazzy-lab: rmu: I think you are thinking about rene-dev's tooltable work: https://github.com/rene-dev/linuxcnc/tree/tooltable-cleanup
10:05 AM rmu: hazzy-lab: yeah.
10:06 AM rmu: hazzy-lab: all this tooltable stuff regarding pockets and tool numbers is very puzzling.
10:07 AM rmu: one should think that for non-random toolchanges a pocket-number is some physical location and a tool-number is a logical designation of the tool that "lives" in this pocket for a particular job
10:07 AM hazzy-lab: rmu: It is! Mainly because it is not consistent
10:08 AM hazzy-lab: right
10:08 AM rmu: but who uses it this way?
10:09 AM rmu: *scratching head*
10:10 AM rmu: hazzy-lab: do you know what is the status of your qt-vcp "cleanup"?
10:18 AM hazzy-lab: rmu: No, I am a little confused looking at the tree, looks like chris must have merged most of the cleanup branch into qt5vcp_py2, but the enums he did not merge??
10:18 AM hazzy-lab: But your layout work was based on that ...
10:19 AM rmu: hmm
10:20 AM hazzy-lab: there is now only one commit on cleanup before your commits, how did that happen, lol
10:21 AM rmu: i think i will create a new layout from scratch. the example i worked on seems to be a proof of concept stuffing everything possible into one screen
10:22 AM rmu: also i got newbynobi started on Qt last weekend, perhaps there will be a "cute" mocca pie int teh future ;)
10:22 AM rene-dev_: The sqlite is on halt, until the other patch is tested and merged.
10:23 AM hazzy-lab: rmu: Yeah, that might be a good I idea, that screen is not the prettiest :)
10:24 AM rene-dev_: I already had a working sqlite version, but tool handling turned out to be so broken, that I want to fix pocket handling first
10:25 AM rene-dev_: So im fixing it one step at a time
10:26 AM rmu: the RemappingStatus wiki page mentions that some nml size limits are in the way of extending the tool table
10:26 AM hazzy-lab: rene-dev_: excellent! I was wondering what the hold up was
10:26 AM hazzy-lab: rene-dev_: This PR? https://github.com/LinuxCNC/linuxcnc/pull/415
10:29 AM hazzy-lab: rene-dev_: How was the meetup in Stuttgart?
10:36 AM seb_kuzminsky: jthornton: i think andy's joints/axes config updater uses it
10:45 AM jthornton: thanks seb_kuzminsky
10:50 AM rene-dev_: Yes
10:51 AM rene-dev_: it was really good! Over 30 pepole. They showed a lathe, a carbon fibre 3d printer, carbon fibre tube winder, and a biolab all controlled by linuxcnc.
11:00 AM seb_kuzminsky: neat!
11:00 AM seb_kuzminsky: what's a biolab?
11:08 AM hazzy-lab: rene-dev_: Whoa, this is good turn out! Awesome!
11:51 AM rene-dev_: I don’t know, they are from a university, and use linuxcnc instead of a plc to control all their equipment. It was a box with many sensors and actuators, and inside something was growing.
11:52 AM rene-dev_: very experimental stuff
11:52 AM seb_kuzminsky: neat!
11:52 AM seb_kuzminsky: i really like the idea of linuxcnc (or just hal) used as a generic controller
12:29 PM rene-dev_: yes :) there was another guy using it to control packaging machines...
01:36 PM cradek: my linuxcnc-based coil winder is pretty awesome (looks a lot like a lathe with some added pieces...)
01:36 PM cradek: some added some removed
02:19 PM rene-dev_: https://www.flickr.com/photos/vukawena/sets/72157698999997294
02:21 PM rene-dev_: cradek yes, something like that. 2 axis
02:41 PM seb_kuzminsky: those carbon fiber stools look cool
02:41 PM seb_kuzminsky: oh wow, they're tiny!
02:57 PM rene-dev_: no, you can sit on them. they are the real size
03:06 PM seb_kuzminsky: Is that a giant in the background? https://flic.kr/p/29o3Qnu
03:42 PM skunkworks: I mess going to fests...
03:42 PM skunkworks: niss even
03:44 PM cradek: I biss it too
03:45 PM seb_kuzminsky: me free
03:52 PM cradek: you guys could all come to my place and wind coils for me...
04:00 PM hazzy-lab: cradek: we want to wind BIG coils, not little tiny ones :D
04:04 PM rmu: http://www.coilinnovation.com/products/air-core-dry-type-reactors-in-general/?L=1
04:04 PM cradek: eh, big things are easy
04:18 PM hazzy-lab: cradek: If it gets too big you can't wind anymore :)
04:18 PM hazzy-lab: I used to hang out at the siemens energy hub in Charlotte and got to watch them "wind" a 400 ton generator stator, there capacity is 600 tons
04:19 PM hazzy-lab: Here is a smaller one: https://www.siemens.com/press/pool/de/pressebilder/2009/fossil_power_generation/300dpi/EFPG20041201-05_300dpi.jpg
04:44 PM rene-dev_: that looks more like sheet metal cooper instead of windings :D
04:47 PM hazzy-lab: rene-dev_: Yes, they vary from about .5" to 1" thick, and are welded together at the seams, so no winding involved, but they call it "winding", lol
06:14 PM jepler_: reboot coming up on the forum, kernel updates
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06:22 PM jepler_: pulling the plug...
06:22 PM jepler_: and we're back
10:21 PM skunkworks: cradek: seb_kuzminsky thank you. you made my wife and i laugh out loud. (i didn't know i made the second spelling mistake and didn't see the replys until now)