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Jul 20 2018

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05:47 AM rmu: any news about integrator meeting @ stuttgart?
10:09 AM mozmck: jepler_: have you looked at stopforumspam.com? I'm thinking about trying to get an API key from them to use in kunena. The spammers are getting more frequent on the forum.
10:17 AM mozmck: Hmm, according to the internet (1) the stopforumspam.com "API does not protect your forum from spam." It just reports users you ban to stopforumspam.com.
10:54 AM cradek: it looks like it could be useful as a way to help decide which signups need extra scrutiny (like moderation of first post maybe)
10:54 AM cradek: they have both a xml over http api and a dnsbl
11:14 AM mozmck: But it looks like Kunena doesn't use that part of it if that site I forgot to include the link for is correct.
11:14 AM mozmck: https://www.kuneze.com/blog/32-how-to-stop-forum-spam-in-kunena
11:14 AM cradek: that's too bad, maybe it will grow that feature later
11:16 AM mozmck: One feature phpBB has that works better than any I've seen yet as far as ease of use for both users and moderators is called Activation Justification.
11:17 AM mozmck: The user has to type in a reason for signing up to the forum, and the moderator can read that before activating the user.
11:18 AM mozmck: It works well for one forum I manage anyhow - maybe not for all forums.
11:28 AM cradek: "type a sentence in natural language that a human will read" does seem like a good human test for participation on a human forum
12:50 PM * JT-Shop purges the forum of spam...
01:06 PM mozmck: More?
01:07 PM mozmck: I nuked 10 from someone this morning.
01:11 PM cradek: sure appreciate you guys
01:20 PM JT-Shop: mozmck: are you blocking them as well?
01:20 PM mozmck: JT-Shop: banning - yes.
01:21 PM JT-Shop: :)
01:21 PM skunkworks: you guys are awesome
01:21 PM mozmck: I could delete them, but then I guess they could use the same email address again.
01:22 PM JT-Shop: aye
03:55 PM jepler_: mozmck: no I haven't.
03:55 PM jepler_: mozmck: I am all for someone taking a more active interest in the forum, beyond installing updates
03:56 PM jepler_: I thought we decided we didn't want a human administrator intervention step before people could post in the first place
03:56 PM jepler_: but I don't really have a judgement about this, except that I am not able to spend the time to look through signups on a frequent basis
03:57 PM jepler_: surely spammers never use the same email twice; I mean, they have infinite "looks different to joomla/kunena" email options just on gmail with + and . tricks
04:05 PM mozmck: Yeah, I would think so. Might could just deleted all the banned emails.