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Jul 19 2018

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12:40 AM skunkworks: jepler: i think we lost the mobile search bar again on the forum.
02:14 AM rmu: jepler: raspberry pi has opengl support, axis, gmoccapy etc.. work properly
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08:08 AM jepler: skunkworks: piece of s--t, thanks. I'll see if i can't remember where I stuck the fix for that.
08:11 AM jepler: ./components/com_kunena/template/crypsis/layouts/widget/menubar/default.php
08:12 AM jepler: pcw_home: if you can confirm the fix works note it on the PR and I'll go ahead and get it merged in tonight hopefully
08:51 AM pcw_home: I will test the PID fix later today
08:55 AM pcw_home: rmu: Linuxcnc/Axis has been up for a week or so running our 7C80. Seems OK except if you have dense previews
08:56 AM pcw_home: (on RPI)
08:57 AM pcw_home: manages a 1 KHz servo thread if you dont try and watch youtube videos at the same time
09:03 AM rmu: pcw_home: nice. did you use isol_cpus?
09:13 AM pcw_home: I did but I may try without it does not seem to make too much difference in worst case latency over days
09:15 AM pcw_home: some odd things: the RPI runs at 1 GHz not 1.2 GHz even when told to run a a fixed 1.2 GHz
09:16 AM pcw_home: (using the instructions at the end of the hm2_rpspi man page)
09:19 AM pcw_home: I really want to try the potato but no driver for its SPI. It has 2G RAM and EMMC vs SD
09:42 AM rmu: potato?
09:42 AM pcw_home: le potatoe
09:42 AM mozmck: Yummy tubers
09:43 AM pcw_home: sorry le potato
09:44 AM mozmck: https://libre.computer/products/boards/aml-s905x-cc/
09:58 AM rmu: hmm. no european distributors
10:30 AM pcw_home: jepler: PID fix works (uses commanded deriv value when connected)
10:32 AM pcw_home: somewhat disapointingly, using command-deriv by connecting it to the TPs commanded velocity has worse FE than using the built in d/dt
10:43 AM pcw_home: (and of course requires different FF2 tuning)
10:59 AM jepler: pcw_home: that's a bummer. I'll merge the PR anyhow
11:00 AM jepler: seb_kuzminsky: .. is https://github.com/LinuxCNC/linuxcnc/pull/467 OK for 2.7? I guess I should ask you before I just plow ahead.
11:24 AM rmu: tried to build Qt on RPI3 with build drive mounted over NFS
11:24 AM rmu: consistently get _very_ strange "file not found" errors
12:12 PM pcw_home: jepler yeah a disappointment, but best that the component works as advertised.
12:16 PM rmu: i wouldn't be surprised if the velocity output of the TP is "fishy"
12:32 PM pcw_home: I think its correct just not sure about its relative timing
12:34 PM pcw_home: from a hardware standpoint I would like to have the current position and the derivatives to get to the next waypoint each servo period
01:00 PM rmu: the values come out of a cubic interpolator, velocity seems to be "instant" velocity. perhaps a piecewise linear approximation would be more correct?
01:06 PM pcw_home: still not sure about the relative timing of FF1, FF2...
01:07 PM pcw_home: Ill have to do some servo thread period resolution plots
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