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Jul 06 2018

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01:36 PM KimK: rene-dev_, rene-dev: I saw the two pictures, do you have the rest of the machine? Tank door? Pumps/Filters? EDM power supply? Control cabinet might be helpful too. A good project, maybe?
03:19 PM sync: KimK: we have everything
03:36 PM pcw_mesa: Hmm I must be slow, I had crappy Ethernet latency on a PC and finally tried disabling AMT, fixed the latency problem instantly... AMT must diddle with the Ethernet (calling home?)
04:44 PM mozmck: what is AMT?
04:45 PM pcw_mesa: Active Management Technology
04:47 PM mozmck: Ah, the spy engine in the CPU. Some of that stuff you can't turn off I think.
04:47 PM pcw_mesa: uses Intel ME to monitor communications
04:47 PM pcw_mesa: yeah spyware
04:48 PM mozmck: Yeah, I think it's ME you can't disable. Apparently Intel will do it for NSA but it's a secret :-)
04:50 PM pcw_mesa: turning off AMT in the BIOS of this HP 8300 improved the Ethernet added jitter from nearly 300 usec to 50 usec on reads and from 100 usec to 10 usec on writes
04:52 PM mozmck: Wow, that's interesting.
04:52 PM pcw_mesa: Yeah there are some places that have info on setting the 'NSA' bit
04:54 PM pcw_mesa: one place hacked the BIOS to set the HAP bit
04:55 PM mozmck: I skim-read that a while back. Interesting stuff!
04:57 PM pcw_mesa: I just thought it was something funky with the Ethernet chip on the 8300, in fact it looks like ME was poking at the Ethernet chip in the backgrpund
04:58 PM pcw_mesa: now the 8300 looks almost as good as the best CPUs (like the H97/G3258)
04:58 PM pcw_mesa: I wonder how many BIO's allow AMT to be disabled...
05:02 PM pcw_mesa: It just stunning how much better this is, 2 hours with youtube videos and servo thread tmax < 150 usec
06:21 PM Tom_L: what chips have that spy engine? is it just the gen 8 intel ones?
06:26 PM pcw_mesa: Wikipedia say all Intel chipsets since 2008 have ME
09:37 PM skunkworks: there is a start of disabling that stuff.. wasn't there just a talk about it?