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Jul 03 2018

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09:25 AM rmu: grmbl. seems ubuntu 18.04 pyqt only contains designer plugin for python3
09:41 AM rene-dev_: rmu are you the guy working on the jerk limit?
09:43 AM rmu: rene-dev_: i did some experiments, yes
09:44 AM rene-dev_: how is that getting along?
09:44 AM rene-dev_: I remember you are also comming to the linuxcnc meeting?
09:44 AM rmu: yes i will come.
09:45 AM rmu: have to refactor
09:46 AM rmu: didn't have time yet for more, but i will have something more polished till then
09:47 AM rene-dev_: ok, cool :) where are you from?
09:47 AM rmu: near linz, austria
09:48 AM rene-dev_: ok, cool
09:48 AM rmu: about half way muc vie
09:48 AM rene-dev_: Im the stmbl guy, in case you have not figured that out :D
09:48 AM rmu: yeah, i know. wanted to build one, only to figure out that iram256 is discontinued
09:49 AM rene-dev_: yeah, I know. we are working on a replacement
09:50 AM rmu: there are some ST Micro IGBT modules that should fit, only need minor changes and new layout of HV part
09:50 AM rene-dev_: but I will bring a few units to play with
09:51 AM rene-dev_: they either use old generation shitty igbt, or dont really fit
09:51 AM rene-dev_: if its not sip package, the caps need to fit between the row of pins, otherwise there is no room for caps
09:53 AM rmu: hmm. ok. so those are too large? STGIB10CH60TS
09:55 AM rmu: https://www.st.com/resource/en/datasheet/stgib10ch60ts-l.pdf
09:57 AM rene-dev_: the caps are 26mm
09:57 AM rene-dev_: doesnt fit
09:58 AM rene-dev_: hmm, might just fit.
10:00 AM rene-dev_: hmm, looks like a new module.
10:00 AM rmu: mounting the caps with a standoff? soldering would be difficult
10:00 AM rene-dev_: thats not really practical. they are snap in, and have very short legs
10:01 AM rene-dev_: and, that module isnt available as well :D
10:02 AM rene-dev_: ah, I actually looked at that exact part already. we droped it, as it wasnt available.
10:04 AM rmu: rs-components says they will be in stock in about a week with the 20A modules...
10:05 AM rmu: i also made some experinemts with on semi FNB41560
10:05 AM rmu: some 2-3 years ago
10:05 AM rmu: similar formfactor
10:07 AM rmu: so it seems you haven't settled yet on a replacement part ;)
10:07 AM rene-dev_: yes we have. 6 to220 igbts.
10:10 AM rene-dev_: that also gives you the option of using mosfets if you need lower voltage and higher current, like many dc servo systems
10:14 AM rmu: makes sense
10:21 AM skunkworks: rene-dev_: cool - to220 dispalce enough heat?
10:23 AM rene-dev_: for most servos yes. a 600v to247 version is planned, but thats a future product
10:24 AM rene-dev_: 15-20A is plenty for single phase supply. any more power than that, you need 600v anyway.
10:25 AM skunkworks: I have some large igbt's here that I used in my 20a dumb pwm amp try
10:25 AM rmu: the next thing is a 3 phase PFC rectifier and brake circuit :P
10:26 AM rene-dev_: we have a brake circuit, but usually I use some lenze brake unit, they are cheap on ebay
10:26 AM rene-dev_: pfc is in development
10:26 AM rmu: hui. awesome.
10:27 AM rene-dev_: Im using these: https://www.ebay.de/itm/292593064520
10:28 AM rene-dev_: be careful, there are units with and without resistor, so check the number
10:29 AM rmu: pfuh 19kW 32kW peak
10:29 AM rene-dev_: they kick in at 375v
10:30 AM rene-dev_: yes, it does get toasty on my haas spindle dclink
11:38 AM pcw_home: rmu: are you one of the few running LinuxCNC on a RPI?
11:55 AM rmu: pcw_home: seems so
11:57 AM rmu: that means yes, i do run linuxcnc on rpi, but i don't really know how few of us there are ;)
11:59 AM pcw_home: What kernel version are you using?
11:59 AM rmu: mom
12:00 PM rmu: 4.9.65-rt56
12:00 PM pcw_home: I need to set up a system to try some new hardware (though I would also like to try the pine64)
12:01 PM pcw_home: and le potato
12:02 PM rmu: i have a kernel package
12:02 PM pcw_home: I know Gene has a RPI system but he has issues with mouse/kb responsiveness
12:02 PM pcw_home: ooh a package!
12:05 PM skunkworks: I have some IRG4PF50WD
12:07 PM rmu: pcw_home: see privmsg
12:08 PM rmu: it is stock kernel with rtpreempt-patch and rpi patch, and i think a separate patch fixing some interrupt thing with the usb ctrl
12:17 PM pcw_home: Yeah I read about some USB/FIQ issues
12:18 PM rmu: that's a really strange issue. i don't understand why the fix is not included in raspberry pi kernel patch
12:19 PM rmu: or in preempt patch. forgot about where it belongs
12:19 PM rmu: but some fix is known and kept in a separate somewhat-applying patch for years
12:20 PM pcw_home: yeah, weird...
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03:04 PM kibitzer: Is it one of those projects where the owner is not interested in contributions from others?
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09:19 PM jepler: I didn't know the "K" stood for kibitzer. it explains things.