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Jun 28 2018

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03:28 AM rmu: re STMBL, i am also interested if there is a batch made, soldering those things by hand is tedious
12:51 PM simaoamorim4: Hi everone, can someone explain me how to contribute with a minor fix pls??
01:11 PM cradek: darn
01:14 PM cradek: spma: hi! the best way to contribute a fix is to make a pull request on github
01:22 PM spma: ok, and to where should i upload it? it's a bug on the file widgets.py belonging to gmoccapy, the lines that raise the exceptions should have '%s' instead of '%widget'
01:28 PM spma: i caught it because of a real situation where there is no widget and the message says ValueError: unsupported format character 'w' (0x77) at index 11
02:21 PM KimK: Hi spma, ideally, you would "upload it" by pushing it to your personal copy/fork of the LinuxCNC/linuxcnc repo and then posting a pull request (PR). Here's an introduction to GitHub, which might help: https://guides.github.com/activities/hello-world/
02:22 PM KimK: But if that seems like too much work, let us know and we'll try to suggest alternate methods.
03:19 PM spma: thank you for your replies
03:21 PM spma: thank you rene-dev for your submit, i'm still new to github
03:47 PM rene-dev_: Thanks for the bugreport
04:07 PM spma_: you're welcome
05:29 PM simao is now known as spma