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May 09 2018

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09:08 AM alex_joni: wow..
09:10 AM alex_joni: "A violation against GPLv2 license occurs if you modify the source code without distributing it to us."
09:10 AM alex_joni: http://www.gurux.fi/OpenSource
09:24 AM cradek: alex_joni: ha
09:26 AM cradek: "A violation against GPLv2 License occurs if you add new functionality into Gurux source codes or fix a bug, and then do not distribute it."
09:27 AM cradek: "Also, if you modify Gurux source codes, you must share the modified source codes."
09:27 AM cradek: all these things are false
09:33 AM alex_joni: I know...
09:33 AM alex_joni: but people coming from non-OSS don't
09:53 AM cradek: :-(
09:53 AM cradek: (hi alex!)
09:59 AM alex_joni: hi chris..
10:03 AM skunkworks: alex_joni: how is the familly?
10:04 AM alex_joni: oh, they are fine
10:04 AM * alex_joni less so
10:05 AM skunkworks: uh oh - hope it doesn't last long
10:08 AM seb_kuzminsky: 2.7.13 is on its way to wlo
10:08 AM alex_joni: yeah me too, nothing too bad though
10:09 AM * skunkworks is still coughing up chunks
10:10 AM alex_joni: sound yucky :P
10:10 AM * alex_joni is full of spots