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May 04 2018

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08:17 AM skunkworks: yes - when I was testing the TP - I was checking acceleration and velocity
08:19 AM skunkworks: using ddt's in hal
08:29 AM rene-dev: skunkworks jepler was asking if you also had those spikes, but apparently they are within the limits
08:29 AM rene-dev: did you see the screenshot?
09:22 AM skunkworks: rene-dev: yes - but it was late and I thought you guys had figured it out.
09:22 AM skunkworks: I do get some slight viloations whe running at 1000% FO.. But I think that isn't a high priority
09:31 AM rene-dev: I think there should be a test for that. and another one that tests the pins vs ddt of position...
09:42 AM skunkworks: In the back of my simple mind - it seems like you could limit jerk in hal at the expence of following error...
09:42 AM skunkworks: (limit acceleration)
10:03 AM skunkworks: can you offset a surface in freecad? (something that has already been extruded?
11:02 AM moopy: which is best branch to pull from github?, https://github.com/LinuxCNC/linuxcnc/tree/v2.8.0-pre1 shows last commit 27 Oct 2014
11:03 AM cradek: release branches are like "2.7" and master is the devel branch
11:05 AM moopy: okay, I will get master then, thanks :)
11:23 AM pcw_home: so Linux 4.16.7-rt1 solves the bad latency of newer kernels on older machines issue for me
11:26 AM pcw_home: up a day on my old desktop at home doing normal stuff, 7I76E with 3 KHz servo thread 175 usec servo thread tmax
11:28 AM pcw_home: 4.14.x would not run reliably at 1 KHz though 4.1 would run at 2 KHz reliably
11:28 AM pcw_home: (core Duo e8500)
11:29 AM pcw_home: same config file only difference is base kernel/patches
11:38 AM seb_kuzminsky: that sounds promising!
11:48 AM pcw_home: no idea whats different though
11:51 AM seb_kuzminsky: 'git diff --stat v4.1..v4.16' says:
11:51 AM seb_kuzminsky: 57201 files changed, 9729887 insertions(+), 3680169 deletions(-)
11:51 AM pcw_home: :-)
11:51 AM seb_kuzminsky: that's vanilla kernel.org, not sure what happened in the -rt patch ;-)
01:35 PM rene-dev: Are there packages for the newer kernels? Or do I need to compile from source?
01:36 PM rene-dev: Running stretch
01:44 PM pcw_mesa: I just compiled from source I doubt there are packages yet
02:02 PM skunkworks: that is very exciting
02:03 PM skunkworks: what what kind of base thread is possible. With 3.somthing I am running the emco with a 50us base thread
02:20 PM pcw_mesa: have not tried but i did get back to about 4.1 behavior or better so it may be possible to have a single kernel for a wider range of machines now
02:21 PM pcw_mesa: on the Core Duo the latency histogram showed about 65 usec on a 1 KHz servo thread
02:21 PM seb_kuzminsky: the latest rt kernel in debian is the 4.9 we have on jepler's stretch installer
02:21 PM seb_kuzminsky: https://packages.debian.org/linux-image-rt-amd64
02:25 PM lcvette: Hello all!
02:27 PM lcvette: does anyone know of a step by step for setting up the 7i92m and preempt rt version of linuxcnc? ive been reading the forum and researching online and found a few scattered tidbits but not enough to have the confidence to move forward
02:28 PM lcvette: I should also state im completely new to linuxcnc altogether and linux
02:29 PM lcvette: I have succesfully loaded the preempt rt version of linuxcnc
02:29 PM lcvette: but that is as far as i have gone
02:30 PM lcvette: because everything is a little bit different im not sure what to do next or if instructions for 5i25 will be wrong
02:30 PM lcvette: and have not found much for the 7i92m
02:30 PM lcvette: sooo... kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place
02:38 PM skunkworks: lcvette: I would start with http://www.linuxcnc.org/testing-stretch-rtpreempt/
02:39 PM skunkworks: oops - reading comprehension...
02:39 PM skunkworks: sorry
02:39 PM lcvette: correct, I have installed the stretch preempt rt version already
02:40 PM pcw_mesa: its basically identical to a 5i25 setup
02:41 PM skunkworks: Yes - I would start with a 5i25 config and change the parts to relate to the 7i92m
02:41 PM lcvette: is there anything required be done with the mesa cards themselves?
02:42 PM pcw_mesa: possibly loading firmware that matches your daughtercards
02:42 PM lcvette: i found this "From Linuxcnc side the 7i92 is a 5i25 through ethernet, so any Linuxcnc config for 5i25 will work on 7i92. That is not the case for firmware, so do not flash 5i25 firmware to a 7i92 card. In pncconf make a config for 5i25, finish it and open the hal file in a text editor, replace "hm2_pci" with "hm2_eth" and replace anything 5i25 with 7i92. Use the replace feature in all text editors."
02:42 PM lcvette: during my research
02:42 PM lcvette: ok, loading firmware
02:42 PM lcvette: i will research how to do that now
02:44 PM lcvette: I did setup the cards in the configuration that was listed in the manual.
02:44 PM lcvette: 7I77_7I76D
02:45 PM lcvette: so I assume i need to load this firmware file
02:45 PM pcw_mesa: there may be some jumper options you need to change (IP address if you use and daughtercard power options)
02:47 PM lcvette: I have the daughtercard power jumpers correctly set, both daughter cards are being powered by the 7i92m only
02:47 PM pcw_mesa: yes if you have a 7i77 and a 7i76 you will need to load the 7i92_7i77_7i76D.bit firmware
02:47 PM pcw_mesa: something like:
02:47 PM pcw_mesa: mesaflash --device 7i92 --write 7i92_7i77_7i76D.bit
02:48 PM pcw_mesa: you also need to setup the Ethernet port on the host PC for a static IP address
02:49 PM lcvette: ok this is really good information
02:49 PM lcvette: ok...
02:50 PM lcvette: I will look into that
02:50 PM lcvette: is it easy point and click?
02:50 PM lcvette: like windows..lol?
02:50 PM lcvette: or is it code type stuff?
02:51 PM lcvette: :/
02:52 PM lcvette: im taking all these notes, I do have a friend who can help me some who is familiar with the 5i25/7i76 setup, but was a bit beffudled with the 7i92 side of things so if i can get him to familiar territory i think we will be in calm waters
02:56 PM lcvette: https://mesaus.com/info/mesaflash.html
02:56 PM lcvette: bitfiles from the 7i92 link here?
02:57 PM lcvette: and thank you for your help and guidance
02:57 PM lcvette: I am very excited to be nearing the end of my build
03:01 PM lcvette: oh i see is this what you meant by the jumpers?
03:01 PM lcvette: Jumper the 7i92 for (W5 down W6 up)
03:25 PM pcw_mesa: yeah I would suggest using rather than the default
03:26 PM pcw_mesa: though all of this really belongs on the linuxcnc channel, not linuxcnc-devel
03:34 PM lcvette: oh, where is the linuxcnc channel?
03:34 PM lcvette: sorry
03:35 PM lcvette: last question, is mesaflash a software i download?
03:48 PM pcw_mesa: Yeah I think if you have a recent LinuxCNC installation, you can just use synaptic package manager or:
03:48 PM pcw_mesa: "apt-get install mesaflash" at the command line
03:51 PM lcvette: ok perfect! thanks I have a plan of attack now! and I will be documenting it carefully to make a write up for the forum! Thanks Peter!
03:55 PM pcw_mesa: also the the don't write 5i25 firmware to a 7I92 warning is important :-)
03:57 PM lcvette: lol... good to know i downloaded the 7i92 zipfile already, so unless its inside there, we're safe... phwew
03:59 PM lcvette: the jumper settings and static ip of, this is a permanent setting and not just a flashing setting im taking it then?
04:00 PM pcw_mesa: its permanent (well it is changeable but will not change with new firmware)
04:01 PM pcw_mesa: The is permanent (so theres always a way to access the card regardless of its EEPROM settings)
04:03 PM lcvette: set it and forget it, gotcha.. ok after that i just follow pncconfig on making a 5i25 config file as mentioned in the blurb i pasted above and go from there i guess and all should be fairly normal afterwards, nothing else really to be concerned with regarding 5i25/7i92 once its setup and communicating properly and the config files are properly worded
04:03 PM lcvette: i see
04:04 PM lcvette: i seriously appreciate you help Peter!
04:05 PM lcvette: i literally just spent the last 2 months working every spare moment i had finishing wiring this beast and i completed it this morning and the software side has had me terrified
04:09 PM lcvette: oh i was told to update linux after i installed it, but when i was coached where to go to do so, there was no update on this version of the preempt rt.. is that normal?
04:10 PM lcvette: again being this version of linuxcnc my helper base is quite limited
04:10 PM pcw_mesa: if you started with stretch there may be no updates
04:11 PM pcw_mesa: so you are already using the latest
04:11 PM lcvette: ok i thought that may the scenario
04:11 PM lcvette: good enough for me
04:11 PM lcvette: and yes started fresh with stratch
04:12 PM lcvette: stretch
04:12 PM lcvette: ok going to test my metal with your knowledge
04:12 PM lcvette: thanks again!
04:13 PM pcw_mesa: NP
04:22 PM KimK: pcw_mesa: While you're in chatting mode, did the info I sent (what, a year ago or so?) give you everything you needed from me for your work on the IBA card? Is there anything else I can help with? The IBA might be coming around again.
04:27 PM pcw_mesa: umm I have completely forgotten about it, lost in the sands of time ...can you send it again?
04:54 PM KimK: pcw_mesa: Sure, no problem. I resent it just now.
04:55 PM pcw_mesa: OK thanks, I'll take a look at it
04:56 PM KimK: Sure, thank you. It probably arrived in the middle of your big move.
05:04 PM pcw_mesa: yep weve been here for just about a year now
06:12 PM lcvette: rookie question
06:12 PM lcvette: i am trying to setup the network according to the 7i92 mesaflash instrictions
06:13 PM lcvette: and when i type in sudo gedit /etc/network/interfaces
06:13 PM lcvette: it said something about great power and responsibility then asked for my sudo password
06:13 PM lcvette: assuming this was the password i made when i installed linuxcnc.. but it doesn't accept it
06:26 PM andypugh: That should be the one.
06:26 PM andypugh: Caps lock?
07:08 PM lcvette: i figured it out had to reset the password.. root
07:09 PM lcvette: then had to sudo apt-get install gedit
07:09 PM lcvette: but needed internet for that
07:09 PM lcvette: got internet
07:09 PM lcvette: got the network interface text editor opened
07:10 PM lcvette: but not sure what to do next, the instructions say to change or add the text from here: https://mesaus.com/info/7i92.txt
07:10 PM lcvette: but when i try to do either i get a warning that the way its worded is incorrect
07:11 PM lcvette: so im again out of my depth do to programming knowledge
07:11 PM lcvette: syntax
07:11 PM lcvette: even though i copied it verbatim
07:12 PM lcvette: mind you i have literally 20 minutes of linux experience
07:12 PM lcvette: im used to buttons
07:12 PM lcvette: lol
07:12 PM lcvette: and fill boxes
07:13 PM lcvette: anyhow i think Peter said im in the wrong section
07:19 PM andypugh: You don’t need to install gedit. You can pretty much always count on having Nano. It’s not the most powerful of editors, but at least it has the instructions at the bottom unlike vi and emacs.
09:01 PM pcw_home: You can use the network mangler to setup the host