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Apr 10 2018

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09:55 AM narogon: hi everyone
09:56 AM narogon: what is the configure parameters for master version (2.8) to use it with rt-preemt '??
10:03 AM narogon: i need to compile it to SMP PREEMPT RT debian 3.2.96-3
10:12 AM rene-dev: what configuration?
10:12 AM rene-dev: ./configure doesnt need any parameters
10:40 AM narogon: rene-dev for example in 2.7
10:40 AM narogon: you specify ./configure uspace
10:41 AM narogon: in 2.8 ./configure uspace [noauto, xenomai, rtai...]
10:41 AM rene-dev: its the default now
10:41 AM narogon: but always it tries to compile uspace_rtai.cc
10:41 AM narogon: I need it doesn't compile it
10:42 AM narogon: in submakefile there is ifeq ($(CONFIG_USPACE_RTAI),y) USPACE_RTAI_SRCS := rtapi/uspace_rtai.cc
10:42 AM narogon: I need config_uspace_rtai No
10:57 AM narogon: rene-dev, i don't know If I'm explained well
10:58 AM rene-dev: I dont understand your problem. what do you want?
10:58 AM narogon: I have to apply this patch
10:59 AM narogon: https://github.com/sittner/linuxcnc-ethercat/blob/master/patches/add-task-pll-functions.patch
10:59 AM narogon: this is for 2.7 version
10:59 AM narogon: I've applied the changes manually to 2.8
11:00 AM narogon: and it doesn't compile because struct rtapi it's different to what uspace_rtai.cc expect
11:00 AM narogon: I'm not going to use rtai kernel
11:00 AM narogon: due to I use SMP PREEMPT RT debian 3.2.96-3
11:00 AM narogon: I need to buildpackage only for this kernel
11:01 AM narogon: and that uspace_rtai.cc doesn't get compiled
11:02 AM narogon: If i build the package in a system with this kernel there is no problem using ./configure uspace noauto
11:03 AM narogon: but i've build the package in a system with rtai it compiles uspace_rtai.cc
11:17 AM rene-dev: ah. that I dont really know to do.
01:16 PM KimK: sliptonic, seb_kuzminsky: Please tell the rest of us what ROS is, and where to read more about it.
01:45 PM rene-dev: KimK http://www.ros.org/
01:45 PM rene-dev: not something you want or need for cnc machines :D
02:04 PM KimK: rene-dev: Thanks! Oh, I don't know about that, I can think of some tool changers I'd like to replace with a robot arm ;)
04:01 PM rene-dev: KimK: in that case linuxcnc is still a better choice. I use some robots with linuxcnc.
04:01 PM rene-dev: Check my YouTube channel