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Mar 21 2018

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10:12 AM pcw_home: when are ini hal pins like ini.traj_arc_blend_enable read?
10:15 AM pcw_home: that is can I change it when the TP is idle?
10:20 AM seb_kuzminsky: pcw_home: yes, Task reads that pin and sends it to Motion
10:20 AM mozmck: pcw_home: looks like it is read first thing in the main loop in emctaskmain.
10:21 AM mozmck: like seb said!
10:21 AM seb_kuzminsky: there's code to make all that happen, but there are no tests for it so who knows if it works or not
10:22 AM seb_kuzminsky: pcw_home gets to be our test!
10:42 AM pcw_home: OK well you can change it live in linuxcnc but it seems to only take effect when the TP is idle (which makes sense)
10:46 AM seb_kuzminsky: that's cool
07:32 PM jepler: seb_kuzminsky: we don't ship any rtai packages for 64-bit systems, do we?
07:33 PM jepler: seb_kuzminsky: are there any super-dodgy ones out there somewhere?
07:33 PM cradek: jepler: do you need access to an rtai machine?
07:33 PM jepler: I'd like to see if I can frankenstein some package into travis-ci
07:34 PM jepler: which is ubuntu LTS
07:34 PM jepler: I see we have
07:34 PM jepler: dists/jessie/base/binary-amd64/linux-headers-3.16.0-9-rtai-amd64_3.16.7-6linuxcnc_amd64.deb
07:34 PM jepler: and related
07:37 PM Tom_L: how close is 2.8?
07:37 PM Tom_L: i recall mention of pushing one out the door recently...
07:38 PM jepler: seb_kuzminsky: ARM buildslave is napping
07:47 PM jepler: .. trying to install these jessie rtai packages on ubuntu trusty (travis-ci) isn't likely to work out. too bad, it'd be nice if travis could test rtai building at all
07:47 PM jepler: I could build a whole chroot I suppose, ugh
07:47 PM jepler: dropping the topic for now
08:28 PM seb_kuzminsky: we never shipped any amd64 rtai kernels
08:29 PM seb_kuzminsky: well, there was that hardy one, but i dont think anyone used it
08:29 PM seb_kuzminsky: nothing since then
08:29 PM seb_kuzminsky: i'll go kick the arm
08:31 PM seb_kuzminsky: there it goes
08:32 PM seb_kuzminsky: Tom_L: it's probably overdue, but no one has scraped together the energy to shepherd it through a release