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Mar 11 2018

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07:34 AM rene-dev: Oh great. https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gtk/issues/64
07:37 AM rene-dev: TurBoss: hazzy-dev
07:41 AM TurBoss: Checking
07:43 AM TurBoss: rene-dev any fix?
07:43 AM TurBoss: :D
07:43 AM rene-dev: No
07:44 AM rene-dev: They say it’s a driver problem
07:44 AM TurBoss: so no chance with mesa driverS?
07:45 AM rene-dev: But that’s more response from gtk people than andypugh ever got :D
07:45 AM rene-dev: Are you having this problem with mesa driver?
07:45 AM TurBoss: only with mesa
07:46 AM rene-dev: If so, please say that in the bugtracker
07:46 AM TurBoss: ok
07:50 AM TurBoss: the RealTime patches doesn't play well with the nvidia propietary drivers right?
07:51 AM rene-dev: im not using them, doesnt even work on my system that doesnt drive the machine.
07:54 AM TurBoss: just commented on the GTK closed issue
08:00 AM rene-dev: I reopened it
03:35 PM andypugh: Aram is back, with more stupid questions that he won’t understand the answers to :-/
03:49 PM Tom_L: does he understand the questions to begin with?
03:53 PM andypugh: He seems to be failing to consider why it is that the world isn’t full of robots with MIG torches building metal parts. It’s such an obvious thing to do (I thought about it 30 years ago) that if it was even slightly effective it would (probably) be commonplace.
03:54 PM andypugh: There are machines that use lasers and powder, and I doubt you would do it that way for fun. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=te9OaSZ0kf8 )
03:54 PM andypugh: No, wait, not what I was looking for
03:55 PM andypugh: This one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fr_PneeyO34
03:57 PM Tom_L: expensive process
03:57 PM andypugh: Yes. MIG would be much cheaper.
03:57 PM Tom_L: they've got 1 or 2 at the vo-tech here
03:57 PM Tom_L: i've seen one of them up close
03:57 PM andypugh: So I would guess that MIG doesn’t work.
03:57 PM Tom_L: the ones they have is the powder bed method though
03:58 PM Tom_L: probably great for prototype work
04:01 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/temp/prints/3d_printer2.jpg
04:01 PM Tom_L: that's the newest one they've gotten in
04:06 PM andypugh: Fabcy!
04:06 PM andypugh: Fancy, I mean
04:06 PM Tom_L: they had it covered for the last open house i went to
04:06 PM Tom_L: but i did get to see it prior
04:10 PM sync: they seem to be ok for stuff that needs internal features that would not be machinable otherwise
04:10 PM sync: like fuel injectors for turbines and such
07:01 PM rene-dev: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFXniBbgbw0
07:19 PM skunkworks: you could measure the weld current maybe and keep the hight constant..
09:11 PM sync: I think that is more a func oft voltage