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Mar 09 2018

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11:40 AM pcw_home: Hmm wonder if sserial maximum output should be bounded to scalemax
11:42 AM rene-dev: does it not do that?
11:42 AM rene-dev: probably a good idea to do that.
11:42 AM pcw_home: if you dont and users set scalemax low but bounds high you get basically random output values
11:42 AM rene-dev: ah, now I know which scalemax you mean. ok.
11:42 AM rene-dev: I thought you mean the parameter from the sserial descriptor
11:42 AM pcw_home: (user on forum has spindle maxoutput =1000 but scalemax=0.0145 and nice random outputs)
11:43 AM pcw_home: (must just wrap in the driver)
11:43 AM rene-dev: ah, yes
11:43 AM rene-dev: is there a way of updating parameters during operation? andys patch only updates parameters on startup
11:44 AM pcw_home: not really they are the difference between setup and process data (SDO/PDO)
11:46 AM pcw_home: if you want to change it dynamically, its process data
11:47 AM pcw_home: its probably possible to extent SSLBP cleanly to add perhaps a single SDO to the cycle
11:47 AM pcw_home: so you could change a parameter per cycle
11:48 AM pcw_home: (would require adding a few more interface registers)
11:51 AM pcw_home: and then doit would do the normal process data xfer and tack a parameter cycle on the end if the parameter command/address was present
11:52 AM pcw_home: might be easier to just increase the user (precess data) register space
11:52 AM pcw_home: s/precess/process/
11:55 AM rene-dev: yes, update one per cycle.
11:56 AM rene-dev: yes, thats another possibility...
11:56 AM rene-dev: in the driver its probably not too complicated. but I dont know about the fpga firmware...
12:02 PM pcw_home: the firmware should not be too bad, probable make a different module (firmware that say doubled the user registers might not fit in older FPGAs)
12:03 PM pcw_home: (mainly because of the UART FIFO sizes, 32 deep is possible in SP6 without any real cost, but expensive in earlier FPGAs)
12:04 PM pcw_home: with 32 deep FIFOs you could have 7 user registers
12:04 PM pcw_home: (instead of 3)
12:11 PM rene-dev: I think that would be a really cool feature :) also, option to change the baudrate.
12:13 PM pcw_home: yeah baud rate probe (2.5,5,10,20)
12:15 PM pcw_home: you can change the baud rate now (but its not automatic)
12:16 PM pcw_home: ideally the cookie probe should include a baud rate search
06:11 PM andypugh: Nice sentence from a friend: >> And this evening I have mostly been fiddling with my Makefile to make make make subdirectories if they don't exist already.
07:03 PM jgnoss_: Hello All, what's a goot starting point to configure a stepper gantry machine with a Mesa 5i23?
07:03 PM jgnoss_: good starting point
07:15 PM andypugh: Goot question :-)
07:17 PM Tom_itx: doesn't 2.8 better support gantry?
07:18 PM andypugh: Yes, I would say that it’s probebly worth starting with 2.8 at this pioint
07:18 PM andypugh: And I think that the version of pncconf in that version might even be set up for two-motor axes.
07:19 PM andypugh: (I have never really used PnCConf)
07:19 PM Tom_itx: neither have i
07:23 PM Tom_itx: andypugh, have you tried 'wrap toolpath' option in F360 on your mill?
07:23 PM Tom_itx: for a cylinder etc
07:24 PM andypugh: I have tried, but didn’t make it work. You need the base geometry just right, I think. There’s a decent NYC CNC video on Youtube about it
07:25 PM Tom_itx: just wondering how well it worked
07:26 PM Tom_itx: says to use Swarf limited to 4 axis for better precision
07:30 PM andypugh: Seems an odd statlemt
07:30 PM Tom_itx: it's in their popup help
07:30 PM andypugh: (I have no idea how that “l” found it’s way into the word “statement”
07:43 PM jgnoss_: OK, I've build 2.8 on that machine, but pncconf errors with "UnboundLocalError: local variable 'signame' referenced before assignment"
07:47 PM andypugh: 2.8 has advantages and disadvantages. You found one of the latter. It’s the development version and sometimes things get broken.
07:49 PM andypugh: I don’t think the PnCConf author is online at the moment. Could you raise a bug-tracker on that ? https://github.com/LinuxCNC/linuxcnc/issues
07:49 PM andypugh: I am sure c-morley will be ecstatic to have it assigned to him :-)
07:49 PM jgnoss_: I know that, and it doesn't bother me, if I know where to get some help to solve the problem.
07:50 PM Chris_Morley: Actually i am here today :)
07:50 PM Chris_Morley: was there a line number attached to that error/
07:51 PM jgnoss_: sure, a lot of line numbers
07:51 PM Chris_Morley: can you give me a little more info on your choices - I just tried a basic config with 5i25/7i76
07:52 PM Chris_Morley: could you post the error somewhere?
07:53 PM andypugh: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com is currently a good choice for pasting error messages
07:53 PM jgnoss_: https://pastebin.com/nuac5E4m
07:53 PM jgnoss_: it happens if I click forward on the first screen
07:56 PM Chris_Morley: thanks you...hmm that's a funny error - this is the first time using pncconf or when reloading a config?
07:56 PM jgnoss_: If I activate modify a conf... he let me select a file, then on clicking forward the error comes up., If I "create a new ..." the forward, the error comes up
07:58 PM Chris_Morley: when did you last update 2.8 ( what version are you running)
07:58 PM jgnoss_: That's a fresh 2.8 build
07:58 PM jgnoss_: ~/Devel/linuxcnc$ ./bin/pncconf
07:59 PM jgnoss_: git pull Already up-to-date.
07:59 PM Chris_Morley: thank you.
08:00 PM Chris_Morley: Is your system using english or a different language?
08:00 PM jgnoss_: english
08:00 PM Chris_Morley: ok
08:00 PM jgnoss_: LANGUAGE=en_US:en
08:01 PM Chris_Morley: ok
08:01 PM jgnoss_: LANG=en_US.UTF-8
08:02 PM Chris_Morley: is this a RIP or installed version of linuxcnc?
08:03 PM jgnoss_: Chris, does it matter if I remote login to the machine with ssh -Y then start pncconf ?
08:03 PM Chris_Morley: I don't know actually - ever done that - but i wouldn't think so
08:03 PM jgnoss_: RIP
08:04 PM jgnoss_: got it working
08:04 PM Chris_Morley: definately ran make and ran . scripts/rip-enviroment
08:04 PM Chris_Morley: oh good
08:04 PM jgnoss_: I forgot to . ./scripts/rip-environment
08:05 PM Chris_Morley: what did you do?
08:05 PM Chris_Morley: yaay!!
08:05 PM jgnoss_: thank's a lot guys
08:05 PM Chris_Morley: The tandem axis stuff is very new in pncconf - I hope it works fine for you. let me know of any problems
08:06 PM Chris_Morley: you bet
08:06 PM jgnoss_: will try now to configure a Mesa gantry
08:06 PM Chris_Morley: i'll check back in a little bit...
08:06 PM jgnoss_: thanks
08:21 PM jgnoss_: pncconf worked great, now ... me heading to the shop to try the machine
08:23 PM Chris_Morley: excellent
08:31 PM jepler: conference badges have really gotten out of hand. https://hackaday.io/project/80627-badge-for-hackaday-conference-2018-in-belgrade
08:34 PM Tom_itx: what os?
08:34 PM Tom_itx: :)
08:41 PM Tom_itx is now known as Tom_L