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Mar 05 2018

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09:39 AM seb_kuzminsky: i approve of the name Roko's Monolith
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03:25 PM KimK: rene-dev: Re: "why is this neccessary... ...#L5226-L5228" : Just looking at those lines by themselves, aren't they to delay the "appearance" of the new tool (in Axis, hal tool display numbers, etc.) until the new tool has actually been installed (the tool change has been completed)? I did not read through all the other code though, so if you're saying those lines are never executed or something, I didn't pick up on that.
03:27 PM rene-dev: KimK my test branch has both as 0 currently, because I didnt convert the number yet. so far everything works.
09:13 PM jepler: hm apparently we could use github for hosting our "releases". This would potentially be useful for hosting our .iso files. They seem to be offering an amazing deal:
09:13 PM jepler: > We don't limit the total size of your binary release files, nor the bandwidth used to deliver them. However, each individual file must be under 2 GB in size.
09:14 PM jepler: ".iso" files are a huge fraction of the bandwidth on www.linuxcnc.org, and if we shifted hosting to a place where we pay by the TB it would add up to real $$
09:40 PM cradek: sounds like the price is right!
09:43 PM jepler: until they change the rules I guess
09:44 PM jepler: here are some notes I threw together: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mJW8H6ZOS0wRp0Xf6PPtFJSgxTp_nvQn0FZ0Ecg_ASk/edit?usp=sharing -- you may have to be logged into a google account to view it.
10:12 PM jepler: haha the top bandwidth item for the wiki: /chips.gif (10MB total transferred in the day checked)
10:14 PM jepler: .. That's 7% of all data transferred by the wiki