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Feb 03 2018

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08:21 AM jepler: we need to update halscope to look like this https://dood.al/oscilloscope/#0.15,0.0,0,0,0,1,0.38,7,1,sin(2*PI*a*t)*cos(2*PI*b*t),cos(2*PI*a*t)*cos(2*PI*b*t),2,1.66,1,1.14,125,1,0,0
09:38 AM jepler: TIL there's a special freight class ("class 400") for deer antlers https://www.lojistic.com/ltl-freight-rates
09:58 AM Roguish: jepler: et.al. got a jog wheel problem. when I spin the mpg wheel 'too fast' the motors don't keep up. i have the jog NOT in vel_mode.
09:58 AM Roguish: not too bad in X and Y, but in Z it's a real problem. the axis keep moving after I stop spinning the jog wheel. guess the encoder count is ahead of the actual motion adn the axis has to catch up. already busted a tool.
09:58 AM Roguish: also, it sure seems that motion with the jog wheel is not bounded by 'max_velocity'
09:59 AM Roguish: what / how can I avoid this ?
10:03 AM pcw_home: set the velocity mode (stops when the jog wheel stops)
10:04 AM pcw_home: setp axis.N.jog-vel-mode true
10:04 AM hazzy: Roguish: You need a faster Z :D I Have my fast X and Y set in pos mode, and run my slow (250ipm) Z in vel mode.
10:04 AM Roguish: pcw_home: could do that, but would I still get a set incremental motion for each 'click' of the wheel?
10:04 AM hazzy: Yes
10:05 AM hazzy: It just aborts when the wheel stops, I think. The increments are still accurate
10:06 AM Roguish: hazzy: thanks. i'll try. carbide tools are pricey. plus almost ruined a part with lots of time in it.
10:06 AM Roguish: so, how's you GUI?
10:09 AM hazzy: Roguish: I pushed a 3/16" drill (not spinning) thru a .125 steel plate by accident do the the jog wheel lag on Z, it was impressive to see that my mill could double as a punch, but it was also a bit scary. After that I switched to vel mode
10:10 AM hazzy: GUI is not coming along, I have not had time to work on it lately
10:10 AM Roguish: i've slapped the e-stop a couple of times.....
10:10 AM * hazzy thinks an e-stop would be nice on his machine
10:11 AM Roguish: check this. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/tls/d/grizzly-g0704-cnc-mill/6476705746.html
10:12 AM Roguish: seller says it has ball screws, and steppers
10:12 AM Roguish: worth the 2K or close to it?
10:18 AM hazzy: That seems like a reasonably good deal, especially if the ballscrews are installed half decently. The hardened nuts have to be modified and the saddle machined to get everything to fit under that tiny saddle
10:18 AM hazzy: My Uncle has a G0704 running on mach, it is a very light but capable machine
10:31 AM skunkworks: you haven't convinced him to move to linuxcnc?
10:43 AM seb_kuzminsky: we have a g0704 at the hackspace
10:44 AM seb_kuzminsky: it's inexpensive and light weight, and the cnc conversion is fairly straight-forward
10:44 AM seb_kuzminsky: it feels like a toy compared to my bridgeport and i never use it, but other folks seem to like it
02:21 PM jepler: https://www.sifive.com/products/hifive-unleashed/ somebody with lots of money and lots of spare time should blow $1000 and find out if a linuxcnc port is feasible
02:26 PM skunkworks: didn't powerpc/risc stuff get removed a while ago?
06:37 PM TurBoss: whoa!!!
06:37 PM TurBoss: 1,5Ghz 8GB DDR4
06:38 PM TurBoss: $999
06:38 PM TurBoss: meoh
06:40 PM hazzy: TurBoss: I want one!
06:43 PM hazzy: skunkworks: I have tried to convince him to move to LCNC, but he is too scared of linux
07:02 PM skunkworks: I hate that
07:02 PM skunkworks: it isn't like linux (currently) is really much different than windows