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Jan 16 2018

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06:06 AM narogon: hi
06:06 AM narogon: two questions
06:07 AM narogon: I'm suffering some problems due to not enough memory
06:07 AM narogon: I change HAL_stacksize and hal_size but it makes some sync problems with my ethercat component
06:07 AM narogon: so 2 questions, how could i check the memory usage of the components
06:10 AM narogon: and is there any method to reduce components size? for example two components takes up more memory than 1 component with arrays of pins or smthg like that?
06:16 AM narogon: i've found how to show the memory usage with halcmd status
06:17 AM narogon: i have 305032/307200 used/total shared memory. Is there any way to increment this value? I need to add 50% more components
08:33 AM cradek: narogon: you can have more hal memory by changing a define and rebuilding
08:33 AM cradek: oh maybe you did that already
08:34 AM cradek: I don't understand what problem you're saying it caused
10:21 AM jepler: will be bouncing the forum in a moment for security updates.
10:26 AM skunkworks: jepler, thanks. I am really like the linuxcnc forum style. I think I like it the best compared to all I use.
10:27 AM skunkworks: (and it acts the same on my phone)
10:27 AM jepler: bbl
12:09 PM skunkworks: I still forget to . ./script/rip-environment
12:10 PM skunkworks: why isn't it working the way I want... wait - why am I running 2.7.11? duh
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08:16 PM jepler: "It's a great time to be alive, this time will definitely be remembered in a few years"
08:16 PM jepler: -- seen on the internet
08:16 PM jepler: OK, another downtime on the forum, it'll be a little longer than the typical reboot but hopefully still under 10 minutes
08:18 PM jepler: for your troubles, the forum will be upgraded to have 2GB of RAM for the same price (was 1GB RAM), which hopefully helps with performance
08:18 PM jepler: (digitalocean revised their pricing structure this week)
08:21 PM jepler: and we should be back .. now
08:25 PM Roguish: hey jepler. how pays for running that server?
08:32 PM jepler: Roguish: seb_kuzminsky and I pay for it out of pocket. It's $12 per month, so not that hard to handle.
08:32 PM jepler: also for quite a few months we had digitalocean referral credits, but those eventually ran out
08:33 PM Roguish: that's very generous. still think you should take up a collection from the community. i'd happily chip in for a month or 3.
08:35 PM jepler: I'm glad if you find the forum useful
10:18 PM seb_kuzminsky: jepler: istr we did some performance measurements to determine the max number of apaches or something like that
10:18 PM seb_kuzminsky: should we redo that now if there's more ram?