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Jan 14 2018

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03:00 PM speedy__: I have troubles with feed override in axis gui. Values above 100% are not considered (speed stays the same as at 100%). It worked hours before, but cannot figure out what change leads to that behaviour. [DISPLAY]MAX_LINEAR_VELOCITY should not be the limiting since it is set very high. Any clue?
03:03 PM Roguish: speedy__: what about individual axis/joint values?
03:12 PM speedy__: Roguish: good point. now i see that the feed at feed-override silder being 100% equals the axis' max velocity as defined via [AXIS_N]MAX_VELOCITY in the ini file. now i have no clue why it behaved different before. now it looks reasonable. tnx for the hint!
03:13 PM Roguish: glad to help. cheers.