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Jan 05 2018

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08:10 AM JT-Shop: hows the testing going?
08:53 AM skunkworks_: testing?
10:10 AM JT-Shop: testing the offset branch
10:34 AM skunkworks_: no - I am having a problem making it work the way I want..
10:34 AM skunkworks_: :)
10:34 AM skunkworks_: probably me
10:37 AM skunkworks_: the input is s32. (like a jog input) and the simple tp is playing havoc with my testing.
11:21 AM mozmck: what is the simple tp for?
11:50 AM skunkworks_: the external offset branch uses the 'simple_tp' within motion to do the acc/vel limiting
11:50 AM skunkworks_: (used for homing and stuff
01:08 PM pcw_mesa: and jog while paused