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Dec 24 2017

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07:16 AM pcw_home: KimK: PIN_3x7I44_72 still has module ID section errors (PWM and encoder module instantiated but no pins and sserial pins but no module ID section)
07:17 AM pcw_home: *need to remove the PWM and quad counter module ID tags and add a sserial tag (thats 3 ports)
11:53 AM skunkworks: is there not a realtime abort pin?
11:53 AM skunkworks: for aborting a running program?
11:54 AM skunkworks: All I can find is halui.abort or halui.program.stop
11:54 AM skunkworks: (which say they do the same thing)
11:55 AM skunkworks: I would have thought there would be a motion abort - but the only one I see turns the linuxnc off. (not a graceful stop)
12:27 PM pcw_home: motion.enable?
12:27 PM skunkworks: that acutally pops the 'on' button
12:27 PM pcw_home: motion.feed-inhibit
12:27 PM skunkworks: So I don't think that is a graceful stop
12:28 PM skunkworks: right - I could do something fancy that sets inhibit then program stop
12:28 PM skunkworks: I don't know if it is really an issue. Just want to stop motion when the arc-ok goes low
12:28 PM skunkworks: faster the better
12:30 PM pcw_home: yeah motion.feed-inhibit false until velocity =0 then motion.enable false
12:52 PM skunkworks: or at that point - halui.abort
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