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Dec 23 2017

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08:26 AM pcw_home: minor manual nit: I think it would be more clear if "G96 <D-> S- (Constant Surface Speed)"
08:28 AM pcw_home: was changed to "G96 <D-> S- (Constant Surface Speed mode)"
03:11 PM skunkworks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5oSA1lPLgA
03:12 PM skunkworks: too thin for this the plasma.. but more of a proof of concept
03:14 PM skunkworks: (30 gauge)
04:58 PM pcw_home: skunkworks: if you had a rotary table cutting some square tubing would be a good test
04:58 PM skunkworks: I was thinking about that on the way home
04:58 PM skunkworks: http://electronicsam.com/images/KandT/testing/plasma/corrugated.png
04:59 PM pcw_home: (I guess you would have to insulate the rotary to prevent stray currents from going through the bearings/gears
04:59 PM skunkworks: definatly isn't the greatest - +/-5ishv
04:59 PM skunkworks: but it is way too thin
05:00 PM skunkworks: I had to set the plasma to always on (like cutting expanded metal)
05:01 PM pcw_home: way too thin is probably a bit like kerf crossing
05:03 PM skunkworks: right
05:04 PM pcw_home: theres some reflection of the corrugation in the error but also steps at the position peaks
05:08 PM pcw_home: where a larger kerf/sideways arc would raise the voltage more then in the troughs (PCW is developing a WA Theory)
05:13 PM KimK: Hi all, it seems I do need some help building my pin files. I added 4 pin files to my copy of the repo ( ~/hostmot2-firmware-KimK ) and pushed them to GitHub ( https://github.com/KimK/hostmot2-firmware/ ) Here's my firmwares-local.txt (in "build all the new ones" mode): https://pastebin.ca/3951550
05:14 PM KimK: gaa, part 2 missing...
05:19 PM KimK: If I build just "22i-1000 4x7I44" or "23i 3x7I44" I get "null range in type of signal" errors, like this (at end): https://pastebin.ca/3951532 If I build just "22i-1000 2x7I49_2x7I44" or "23i 1x7I49_2x7I44" I get "library unit (pinfile name) is not available in library work" errors, like this (at end): https://pastebin.ca/3951542
05:20 PM KimK: Advice and suggestions greatly appreciated.
05:23 PM KimK: Very cool on your plasma cutter, Sam. (Wait, cool plasma? Ummm...)
05:23 PM pcw_home: On the first on I looked at the, module ID section doesn't match the pinout
05:23 PM pcw_home: first one
05:24 PM KimK: Ha, I knew I needed another pair of eyes, thanks! I'll fix it and try again.
06:11 PM KimK: pcw_home: Thanks, that helped a lot, getting much further now, but still not a good build. Here are the make errors: https://pastebin.ca/3951568 Repaired pinfiles pushed to GitHub again: https://github.com/KimK/hostmot2-firmware/
06:26 PM KimK: I have to leave for awhile, but please post any advice and I'll be back in a few hours to read it. Thanks very much!
06:27 PM KimK: pcw_home: Also, did the logic analyzer info I emailed some time back give you enough timing info to program the IBA card? Is there anything else I need to do on this end? We'll be coming back around to it, I think.