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Nov 30 2017

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07:42 AM jepler: KimK: sorry for not including a URL
07:51 AM mozmck: I appears from their homepage that all of FreeRTOS is MIT licensed now.
08:11 AM skunkworks: jepler> interesting, FreeRTOS relicensed from GPL-with-no-benchmarking-clause to MIT by Amazon
08:11 AM skunkworks: ;)
08:12 AM skunkworks: so what is freertos?
08:12 AM * skunkworks googles
08:12 AM mozmck: a Real Time Operating System for embedded devices.
08:26 AM skunkworks: mozmck, sully is in his terrible two's... we thought we had a hard time with stella... No. she was an breeze...
08:26 AM mozmck: haha!
08:26 AM mozmck: The boys are more work at first anyhow.
08:27 AM skunkworks: heh - don't what to think about it!
08:27 AM mozmck: I have a 5 mo boy now, fun times!
08:28 AM skunkworks: wow - how many is it now?
08:28 AM mozmck: 4
08:28 AM skunkworks: so - does it get easier with 4? I have heard 3 is the hardest and 4 is easy ;)
08:29 AM mozmck: Well, the oldest is getting close to 6 (Jan), and she helps a lot now.
08:29 AM mozmck: So it is easier somewhat.
08:30 AM skunkworks: our two really do get along well - so far
08:31 AM mozmck: That's great!
12:57 PM Tom_L: skunkworks it becomes 4 against 2
01:29 PM skunkworks: you start playing defence
09:55 PM dgarr: hazzy: a test patch for #361 (there may be unknown side effects) http://www.panix.com/~dgarrett/stuff/0001-test-fix-for-361.patch
11:31 PM hazzy: dgarr: unfortunately that does not seem to fix the problem