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Nov 25 2017

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08:38 AM jepler: seb_kuzminsky: that commit from cmorley looks very unlikely to be right
08:39 AM jepler: it adds a python file called "industrial_handler", but I don't see how anything can refer to it
08:40 AM jepler: oh I opened my mouth too quick
08:40 AM jepler: # look for custom handler files:
08:40 AM jepler: HANDLER_FN = "%s_handler.py"%self.skinname
08:40 AM jepler: the files are not loaded using the normal 'import' method
08:40 AM jepler: so this must have been a "forgot to add a file" type bug, too bad it went unnoticed so long
07:43 PM andypugh: pcw_home: I am not immediately seeing how to tell global smart-serial records from process records.
07:43 PM andypugh: Does the gtoc include the ptoc?