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Oct 16 2017

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06:01 AM amsR: @KimK: Hi KimK, 'Do you mean to change how you are cutting something?', somewhat yes.
06:03 AM amsR: @jepler: 'no, linuxcnc is not designed to allow you to change kinematics implementations while running a part program.' Okay, as of now it does not, I agree and that made this post come at devel
06:03 AM amsR: @jepler, @kinK: What I'm expressing here is http://www.sprutcam.com/files/documentation/SprutCAM9/eng/index.html?7_060205.htm
06:03 AM amsR: Turn-Mill or Mill-Turn
06:06 AM amsR: I'd try a basic test, which send a message to kinematics via control. This will set some flags inside kins and kins now will behave in some other way.
07:00 AM amsR: jfyi, this kins switch will modify display values, keeping joints cmd pos unchanged
07:12 AM archivist: I have a lathe that can have live tools, sliding head, will be interested
07:13 AM archivist: robh has one too but has the original control on it
01:32 PM skunkworks: streamer requires a function for each column of data? Like loadrt streamer depth=20000 cfg=f,f,f,f,f,f
01:32 PM skunkworks: loads but only give you one pin
01:33 PM skunkworks: so you need depth=2000,2000,2000,2000 cfg=f,f,f,f
01:33 PM skunkworks: ?
01:33 PM skunkworks: and the other question is - what is a good depth?
01:33 PM skunkworks: for a 1khz thread
01:34 PM skunkworks: on a pretty fast machine with ssd
01:54 PM skunkworks: and when I meant streamer - I meant sampler
01:54 PM skunkworks: same quesion though
01:57 PM skunkworks: AH - figured it out 0 you don't put commas between the cfg
02:31 PM seb_kuzminsky: commas would make it way to easy to edit that text file
02:57 PM jepler: tests/multiclick/test.hal:loadrt sampler depth=100 cfg=bbbbbbbbbsbbbbbbbbbs
02:57 PM jepler: tests/multiclick/test.hal:loadrt streamer depth=100 cfg=bb
02:58 PM jepler: commas separate the configuration for each instance
02:58 PM jepler: so maybe you want depth=2000 cfg=ffff
02:58 PM jepler: 1 depth = 1 sample, so depth=2000 means that even if your userspace portion is delayed for 2s it will still not over/underrun
02:59 PM jepler: assuming that the normal behavior is to keep the fifo full/empty
03:51 PM skunkworks: right - that makes sense. Each fifo instance can have its own 21 channels
04:52 PM jepler: 21? I'm sure that limitation exists for a well-motivated reason :-P
04:59 PM KimK: amsR / ams-ru-drois: I looked at your SprutCAM link. If your interest is simply changing operating modes from the orthagonal X,Y,Z to the "polar" X,Z,C, I don't see why you would need to change kinematics at all to do that. LinuxCNC can do that easily. You just need to tell your machine to change spindle modes.
04:59 PM KimK: amsR / ams-ru-drois: This change would likely affect your machine in user-M-codes, hal, and I/O, not kinematics. But maybe I'm not understanding what you need? If not, please explain further.
05:01 PM KimK: Sorry, I was waiting for amsR / ams-ru-drois to return, but now I need to reboot so I didn't want to lose my reply. My apologies.
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