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Aug 13 2017

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10:24 AM TurBoss: Hi
10:25 AM TurBoss: I wan't to integrate a matrix.org room with #linuxcnc
10:25 AM TurBoss: aka Riot im
10:25 AM TurBoss: integration procedure ask for a chanop
10:25 AM archivist: I hate this joining of channels
10:25 AM TurBoss: so not a good Idea?
10:26 AM archivist: just join #linuxcnc problem solved
10:27 AM archivist: duplication spreads resources thinly and produces more channel noise
11:06 AM jepler[m]: TurBoss: Looks like you can join a freenode IRC channel from your matrix client by saying "!join #linuxcnc-devel" to @appservice-irc@matrix.org.
11:06 AM jepler[m]: that is what I did on riot.im just now, and I haven't even used matrix before
11:06 AM TurBoss: ok thanks
11:07 AM jepler[m]: er @appservice-irc:matrix.org
11:07 AM jepler[m]: some other advice I saw about joining a room with a name like #freenode_#linuxcnc-devel:matrix.org didn't work.
11:07 AM jepler[m]: also try saying "!help" to @appservice-irc:matrix.org
11:08 AM TurBoss[m]: Great
11:09 AM jepler[m]: OK, glad you got it working too