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Aug 02 2017

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07:56 AM skunkworks: youtube.com
07:57 AM skunkworks: in case you wanted a place to watch videos.. yikes
09:43 AM jepler: I haven't machined anything in years, but the other night I dreamed I was running a new part, had my hand on the estop button, but still wasn't fast enough to stop it from milling BZZZZZT straight through the fixture...
09:43 AM jepler: I hope this isn't the equivalent of dreaming for years about showing up nude for a college exam
09:50 AM JT-Shop: usually when the dreams get weird for me it's time to wake up
10:08 AM archivist: must have been smoking something good for dreams like that
12:40 PM pcw_mesa: sad news about Dragon
12:40 PM pcw_mesa: I remember meeting him at the last LinuxCNC fest
12:56 PM skunkworks: Yes - he was there.
03:32 PM cradek: aw. he was smart and nice.