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May 18 2017

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03:32 PM jepler: on one hand I had no idea there was any task that gitweb was better at than github. on the other hand, I never use github or gitweb for searching in source files for things.
03:57 PM mozmck: I was playing with gitlab a while back and imported linuxcnc from github over there
03:58 PM mozmck: jepler: here is the s.poll search you mentioned on gitlab: https://gitlab.com/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&search=s.poll&group_id=&project_id=1232380&search_code=true&repository_ref=master
04:00 PM mozmck: but I realize gitlab might not be ideal for various reasons such as not everyone being on it
04:15 PM jepler: yeah, moving to gitlab is a whole different discussion
04:15 PM jepler: for me the benefits of github are the network effects, not that it's the #1 most functional website
04:36 PM cradek: I also think a very important consideration is to use the most popular system. that lets people do drive-bys and/or become involved easily
04:36 PM cradek: I bet a lot of people are like me and have a github account but none of the others
04:47 PM seb_kuzm1nsky: yeah, git won the vcs race, and github won the hosting race
05:01 PM seb_kuzm1nsky: we use bitbucket at work... it's about as good, but has many fewer users
05:03 PM cradek: heh wow, gitweb sure is better at that search
05:32 PM jepler: fwiw we could probably toss a github web ui on wlo or flo but it would probably be slo(w)
05:32 PM jepler: but it would not get us out of administering as much stuff
05:32 PM cradek: you mean gitweb?
05:32 PM jepler: er right