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May 05 2017

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09:29 AM skunkworks: Wow - watching videos of other people running 3d printers. No wonder they home it in gcode before every print..
09:31 AM skunkworks: they just push the table around
09:32 AM cradek: well there's no cutting force. you don't need much motor.
09:33 AM cradek: I don't think jeff's loses position unless bad gcode crashes it into itself (I guess it has no soft limits)
09:40 AM jepler: that's right
09:40 AM jepler: once I thought it had lost position but it was a gcode bug that tried to go past the hard stops so of course on a stepper system that just went RATATATATA and then the commanded position was wrong
09:41 AM jepler: other than that I think the main reason for losing position is that the little stepper drivers have a thermal shutdown mode. I haven't had problems with it, but if they do thermal shutdown again you'll just lose position
09:41 AM jepler: the v2 board should be better in that respect, it has a cooling fan blowing on the heatsinks of the stepper boards
09:48 AM skunkworks: I have probably 5 print hours so far. No positioning issues
09:50 AM skunkworks: the cat prints pretty slow at 1.0 speed. I was suprised to see how fast some other things print setting the speed to 50mm/s
09:50 AM skunkworks: in the slicer software
09:51 AM skunkworks: the cat took about 2+ hours :)
09:51 AM archivist: hehe mericans speaking mm
09:54 AM skunkworks: In highschool and college physics and math we did most things in metric. I thought it was awesome. We Americans are crazy and seem to be getting crazier..
10:11 AM jepler: endless amusement in 3d printing failure videos
10:19 AM mozmck: Seems like maybe the
10:19 AM mozmck: oops!
10:20 AM mozmck: maybe the sourceforge mailing lists are having problems? emc-developers emailed me saying emails were bouncing, but emc-user has been working just fine.
10:21 AM mozmck: Now this morning emc-commit emailed me saying I needed to re-activate my account because of bounces
10:32 AM skunkworks: I send one a few days ago that didn't go through
10:33 AM cradek: can you see the bounce reason?
10:33 AM cradek: usually it's a real problem...
10:35 AM skunkworks: I didn't get a bounce back
11:03 AM mozmck: I didn't see anywhere to look at the bounces. Apparently it is bouncing trying to send me mail - I haven't sent any in a while.
11:05 AM mozmck: I quit getting mail from emc-dev on 4-17. After re-enabling yesterday I got one email today so far.
11:26 AM cradek: mozmck: texband?
11:26 AM mozmck: yes
11:27 AM cradek: I don't see anything wrong (now)
11:27 AM mozmck: ok, kinda odd. Two lists quit and emc-user did not
11:27 AM mozmck: probably fine now
11:28 AM cradek: ohhh
11:28 AM cradek: for -users bounce processing is totally turned off
11:29 AM cradek: it was to keep it from falling over after the yahoo/DMARC debacle
11:29 AM cradek: I guess -devel and -commit users weren't as likely to be on yahoo, or we didn't notice the carnage
11:30 AM archivist: all the yahoo accounts still end up in my spam folder off the lists
11:31 AM cradek: https://sourceforge.net/p/forge/site-support/7413/
11:31 AM cradek: I don't know whether sourceforge eventually did something about it
11:33 AM mozmck: Interesting - maybe texband was bouncing some emails there for a bit? I haven't noticed a slow-down from anywhere else.
11:34 AM cradek: yes I suspect it was
11:34 AM mozmck: thanks for looking at it - hope I didn't waste too much of your time.
11:36 AM cradek: I thought I remembered that the latest bounces were kept for either you or me to see, but I guess I was wrong because I can't find that
11:37 AM mozmck: ok, no problem - I didn't know if it was on my end or sourceforge, but sounds like probably mine.
11:38 AM cradek: I wish ISPs would let you see your own messages from the maillog, but that's probably hard
11:39 AM cradek: ooh I do have one bounce
11:39 AM cradek: 550 Recipient Rejected: Access Denied: blocked by prs
11:40 AM cradek: that was Fri, 21 Apr 2017 01:12:10 +0000
11:40 AM cradek: wonder if prs is someone's initials
11:40 AM cradek: at the isp
11:41 AM jepler: internet is suggesting "prs" is a dnsbl operated by proofpoint.com
11:41 AM jepler: http://multirbl.valli.org/detail/safe.dnsbl.prs.proofpoint.com.html
11:42 AM cradek: siiiiiigh
11:43 AM archivist: that is the other thing going on at the moment, a general ban on mail from dynamic IPs
11:43 AM cradek: this is not a dynamic ip
11:43 AM archivist: they get it wrong!
11:44 AM archivist: I had the same trouble with a server I admin
11:44 AM cradek: you're certainly right - IPs with a PTR that looks dynamicy get rejected a lot
11:45 AM cradek: I can't get past the wall of buzzwords and stock video at proofpoint.com
11:46 AM archivist: there are some test servers about so you can test if all your records are correct
11:46 AM cradek: look at all those pretty white people working on HIGH TECH THINGS
11:47 AM cradek: mozmck: I can't figure out any more, but I think it's probably your isp using a questionably-crazy dnsbl solution
11:48 AM cradek: "mac.com" was also using proofpoint, and also caused one user to be unsubscribed that same day
11:48 AM archivist: after I sorted out the odd problem, just a case of going around getting yourself white listed
11:48 AM cradek: that isp gave a better 550 message, leading me to https://support.proofpoint.com/dnsbl-lookup.cgi?ip=
11:49 AM cradek: so ... it's not blocked anymore, doubt there's any more information about why to be found
11:54 AM mozmck: Thanks for the detective work!
11:54 AM cradek: thanks for helping me remind myself how it all works
11:55 AM cradek: I can forward the bounce if you want to harass your isp about it
11:55 AM cradek: but they'll just shrug
11:55 AM mozmck: I'm not sure any ISP is much count. Mine put in data caps sometime - I don't know when because I have never gotten close I guess.
11:55 AM cradek: it's for the antispams
11:55 AM cradek: it's for the securities
11:55 AM cradek: we don't care about your mail actually going through sorry
11:55 AM cradek: (but seriously, I sympathize with them)
11:55 AM mozmck: Family was in for a week and managed to trigger their warning that I had used up most of my 150 GB for the month.
11:56 AM cradek: wow that's a lot of data
11:56 AM mozmck: Yeah, I'm sure it's not an easy task to balance between fighting spam/phishing and bouncing legit emails.
11:56 AM mozmck: Yeah, but apparently movies and games use a *lot*
11:57 AM cradek: yes, and having a wide array of types of users makes it much worse
11:57 AM mozmck: My brother downloaded a game he thought was 14 GB! but it turned out to be 40 GB!!! Then it didn't work right so he did it again :-)
11:59 AM cradek: wow
01:11 PM KGB-linuxcnc: 03Sebastian Kuzminsky 052.7 e907b85 06linuxcnc 10docs/src/getting-started/getting-linuxcnc.txt docs: fix an asciidoc markup bug in Getting LinuxCNC * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=e907b85
01:11 PM KGB-linuxcnc: 03Sebastian Kuzminsky 052.7 713e1cc 06linuxcnc 10docs/src/getting-started/getting-linuxcnc.txt docs: fix asciidoc markup in Getting LinuxCNC * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=713e1cc
01:20 PM jepler: looks like my typical internet usage is 62GiB/month in + 32 GiB/month out, based on mrtg reporting a 1-year average of 25.1kB/s and 13.1kB/s respectively
01:20 PM jepler: but this is just 2 people and we don't do much streaming anything
01:39 PM seb_kuzminsky: rtai 5.0 is out
01:40 PM seb_kuzminsky: i'm going to build it and see if the rmmod hang is still there
01:46 PM seb_kuzminsky: the kernel patch was not updated since last i tried, so i'm not optimistic
01:46 PM jepler: seb_kuzminsky: I see from your e-mail way back in august 2016 you are reproducing this without involving linuxcnc. It's nice(?) that we can assume it's not a linuxcnc bug then.
01:47 PM jepler: sigh
01:55 PM seb_kuzminsky: :-/
03:06 PM jepler: hm I wonder how digitalocean manages to report 178% "USER" + 65% "SYSTEM" CPU usage in their control panel for my 1-CPU droplet
03:14 PM seb_kuzminsky: lol
04:48 PM seb_kuzminsky: i'm running a test with 4.1.18+rtai5.0 right now, and building 4.4.43+rtai5.0 for after this one hangs
05:53 PM seb_kuzminsky: nope
05:59 PM andypugh: seb_kuzminsky: Looks like you are not in stmbl tonight
06:00 PM andypugh: jasen-home: andy , after updating the sserial with your addition the gaintry kins with axis is not working anymore
06:00 PM andypugh: says buffer overflow
06:00 PM andypugh: jasen-home: emcTrajSetMaxVelocity(100.0000) returned 0
06:01 PM andypugh: jasen-home: *** buffer overflow detected ***: /home/cnc/linuxcnc-dev/bin/rtapi_app terminated
06:01 PM andypugh: Now, given that I did very little, and only in the Mesa driver, this is a surprise
06:01 PM andypugh: Is there any trouble in runtests?
06:51 PM seb_kuzminsky: nope, master and 2.7 are both runtests clean at the moment
07:12 PM andypugh: I wonder if it is anything to do with me at all?